DecoSplash Q&A with the Roches

When Chris and Jess Roche wanted to add a pop of colour to their modern Scandi-themed kitchen and add some style to their otherwise ordinary laundry, they turned to DecoSplash to fulfill their home reno needs. Find out what they love about DecoSplash and how they found installing it themselves.

Why did you select DecoSplash for your kitchen and laundry splashbacks?
We were looking for a something a little bit different from the usual glass splashbacks, something that would make a statement in our large entertaining area. We wanted a conversation piece and something unique. The fact that it is so easy to clean and maintain was extremely important and being able to install it ourselves was a huge bonus – especially to our reno budget! 

How did you find the installation process?
We installed the splashback ourselves, and the installation was quite easy and required tools that were easy to access. The hardest part was making sure to measure correctly when cutting holes for power points and switches. The larger pieces required two people to install, but the process is so simple. Installation was very quick and inexpensive.

Did you need a lot of tools for installation?
We did not need many tools for the installation, most of them we had in our home already, so the fact that we did not need to go and purchase specialised tools to install it ourselves was great. We used a jigsaw to cut the holes for the power point and light switches, and a drop saw with metal blades for the larger cuts. There was little mess during the process of customising it to fit, and it was fitted using the double-sided tape available from Deco and some silicone. 

DecoSplash Laundry Splashback

What design did you choose and why?
We chose ‘Beach Stones’ for the laundry – mainly because we really liked the picture; it was modern and eye catching while still blending in with the colour scheme of our black and white laundry. It is a statement piece in an otherwise ordinary room.

We chose ‘Twiggy’ for the kitchen splashback, mainly because the theme we were styling our home was scandi/minimalist, with textures of timber, white and concrete. We wanted to create a calm, inviting area while bringing in the outdoors by having indoor plants to create a colour pop while still complimenting the colour scheme. The Twiggy splashback worked perfectly by bringing in a pop of colour while still blending into the style of the room. It creates a nice modern look, which incorporates the plant theme and is such a unique piece.

How have you found your splashback so far?
The splashbacks have been fantastic, you can’t see marks on them, so they always look clean and tidy. They clean up quick and easy with just a wipe of a cloth. The splashback has maintained its adhesive and has not come loose.

What have other people said about your new splashbacks?
Everyone that has seen our splashbacks have been impressed and jealous! They have been appealing due to the fact they are so low maintenance, and they are different to the normal glass or tile splashbacks most homes have. They have been impressed with the price and the fact that they do not need to be installed by a professional.

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