DecoWood® vs Timber: 5 things you need to know

Sure, real timber looks phenomenal on installation, but it doesn’t take long for timber to discolour, fade and even start to degrade – especially in outdoor applications. And this is why so many homeowners, builders and even design professionals are now specifying DecoWood® timber-look aluminium for their facades, fences, decks and more!

If you are unsure whether to choose between DecoWood® or real timber for your next project, here are just five reasons why you should give DecoWood® a go.


Long lasting aluminium is the material of choice where resistance to deterioration, corrosion, termite attack and rotting is required. When finished with Super Durable™ DecoWood® powder coat finish, the aluminium is provided with additional protection that is 50% more durable that standard powder coating used in Australia.


Did you knowthat aluminium is economically and infinitely recyclable? In fact, the International Aluminium Council states that approximately 75 per cent of all aluminium produced is still in use today. Utilising a timber-look aluminium product like DecoWood will also mean no logging and no release of toxic greenhouse gases (VOCs) from paints and stains.


The dreaded task of staining timber windows or decks is only known to those who have lived through it. Avoid the lifetime of ongoing maintenance and say goodbye to sanding, painting, staining, or oiling once and for all thanks to DecoWood’s low maintenance finish.


Made from the highest quality materials available, DecoWood® withstands harsh environmental conditions and fully complies with Australian and international standards for quality. DECO is the only Australian finisher to be an accredited Qualicoat applicator, which ensures our finishes meet the international specification for architectural powder coating.


Achieve all the beauty of natural timber from DecoWood’s extensive range of native, exotic and contemporary timber species. Not only does DecoWood offer the natural look of timber, it’s textured finish also provides a realist feel of timber too! View the DecoWood® colour series

DecoWood has so many other additional benefits including:
  • - All DecoWood products come pre-finished with no need to paint or stain after installation.
  • - Achieve desings that simply can't be achieved with real timber!
  • - Easy installation systems - DecoClad, DecoBatten & DecoDeck all offer fast and easy installtion. 
  • - Australian amde and owned, and available Australia wide. 
  • - Great lead times - get your roduct quicker and get the job done!

Contact our team today to find out more about our full range DecoWood® timber-look aluminium products.  


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