Did you know: DECO is DIY friendly

When building a new home or renovating it is important to find cost effective solutions to avoid blowing the budget for your project. Doing it yourself can save you a significant amount of money that can be better spent elsewhere. Did you know…DIY’ers and any handyman can install the DECO range of products, most being considered ‘beginner friendly’.


DECO’s timber look aluminium building products are available as simple do-it-yourself installation systems, that can potentially save home owners a lot of money on their building or renovation project.

DECO’s systems such as DecoDeck, DecoSlat and DecoBatten are designed for minimal tooling and expertise. Installation instructions are available for download from the website that come complete with helpful diagrams and handy hints. 


One of the key benefits of building with aluminium is its lightweight composition. Hollow aluminium profiles are available in large extrusion and therefore specified without any excessive weight. The density of timber varies but it can be harder to install and require extra labour due to its weight. Aluminium’s lightweight advantage results in substantial reductions in installation times and labour costs. 


Due to aluminum being lightweight and thin, it can be easily cut down into any length required for your project. Are you considering cutting your own aluminum? The answer is you should. It will benefit you and your project (i.e. Decking) and is as easy as cutting timber. All you need is a mitre or drop saw with an aluminium blade, and some protective gear.

Did you know…DecoSplash splashbacks can be delivered cut-to-size, however DECO recommends cutting your splashback on site to allow for adjustments that may be required. Aluminium blades on a circular saw is ideal for cutting long cuts and a metal cutting blade on jig saw is suitable for cuts outs. From there your splash is easily installed with an adhesive. 


System components and accessories can be supplied by DECO to ensure your product is installed perfectly and finished off neatly without additional labour and material costs. DECO accessories can come colour-matched to your desired project colour, giving your cladding, battens, slats or deck a seamless timber look all the way round. 


DECO’s products such as DecoClad, DecoDeck and DecoBatten are simple systems that are installed quickly and easily as well as offering a concealed fixing for a perfect seamless finish. The DECO range is an easy and effective solution that does not compromise on quality.




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