Earth Hour: How can I make a difference this year?

WWF’s Earth Hour has become a popular global movement, encouraging people around the world to stand up for sustainability and switch off all electric and electronic devices for 60 minutes. 

This year, Earth Hour will be taking place on Saturday 28 March from 8:30 – 9:30pm. 

Why does Earth Hour matter?

With horrific bushfires and other natural disasters becoming more frequent, people worldwide are becoming concerned about the future of our planet, and searching for sustainable solutions and ways to reduce their carbon footprint, to protect and restore earth’s natural environment.

Earth Hour is a show of solidarity which aims to highlight to governing bodies across the globe how seriously we take the planet’s future and our willingness to seek more sustainable ways of living our day to day lives to help preserve the earth.

What else contributes to a greener planet?

As well as signing up for Earth Hour, it is always important to consider how you can make more sustainable choices in the long-term. A few things you can do to help protect our planet include:

• Recycling your rubbish (including soft plastics)
• Purchasing sustainable products which do not emit carbon or any harmful VOCs
• Purchasing products made from recycled materials 

DECO: the environmentally friendly building solution 

DECO is proud to be joining the stand for sustainability. Our new sustainability plan and initiatives have included a water recycling program in our factory, and a diligent recycling program from our staff, including a soft plastics recycling program implemented in 2019, to help the environment in whatever way we can. All our products are made from aluminium, one of the most recyclable products in the world – 70% of all the world’s aluminium products are recycled – and our powder coat finishes boast no VOCs. DECO products are therefore one of the most environmentally friendly building products, also needing no oiling, staining or painting which could otherwise release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

With a keen commitment to ensuring our efforts are environmentally friendly, DECO are proud to support Earth Hour and will continue to take sustainable measures to ensure our world remains a safe, liveable place. 


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