Easy, Fire-safe Recladding with DecoPanel

Ever since the deadly 2017 Grenfell fire, there has been a push worldwide to identify, remove and replace dangerous combustible cladding on residential and commercial buildings. In recent audits of Australian buildings, it was estimated over 3400 buildings were at-risk, with over 1400 buildings in NSW alone bearing combustible materials. Recladding projects are now underway, with government cladding task force groups exploring non-combustible alternatives and pushing for at-risk buildings to have their dangerous cladding removed and replaced with compliant materials. 

PE-core Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), the culprit in many cladding fires worldwide, were initially popular because of their lightweight, easy-to-install flat form and wide range of colours, patterns and textures. Many building designers, architects and installers are now searching for alternatives that will recreate their carefully-chosen aesthetic – without the fire risk.

DecoPanel®, the lightweight flat sheet cladding by DECO, is the ideal choice for recladding projects. Read on to discover how it can not only recreate your aesthetic safely, but enhance your building project.

Completely non-combustible

Made from 100% solid aluminium, DecoPanel® is designed not to ignite, spread flame or contribute to a fire. Its powder coat and anodised finishing options are also non-combustible and will not spark or ignite. 

Limitless design choices

Want an unusual metallic colour? A bright plain colour? A pattern or woodgrain? DecoPanel® offers a wide variety of design options. Choose from DecoWood® timber-look finishes for a warm, natural look, DecoVogue™ concrete or rust-look finishes for edgy urban looks, DecoCoat™ plain colours for eye-popping statements or NEW DecoUltra™ anodised finishes for a slick metallic appearance. 


DecoPanel's solid aluminium flat sheets were selected for the 1 Denison Street, North Sydney project for its natural timber-look appearance.
Easy install

DecoPanel® is made from lightweight aluminium, and can be fixed using a variety of methods, including screw fixing, rivets or construction adhesives – consult with your engineer or building surveyor to choose the method best suited to your project or design. 


Australian made

Manufactured right here in Australia and designed and tested to Australian standards, DecoPanel® complies with crucial Australian regulations. It complies with AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 for fire safety, deeming it suitable for use on residential and commercial buildings where non-combustible materials are required. Being Australian made means it has also been tested to harsh Australian conditions, including strong sunlight and salt spray, making it ideal for tough Aussie climates. Choosing an Australian-made product also helps boost our national economy and job market – which is especially important during these difficult times. 

Need help with a recladding project? Contact a DECO sales representative for advice and support on using DecoPanel® for your next reclad. 


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