Effortless Concrete Look with DecoCrete

The use of concrete is becoming more and more popular with the emergence a new design trend that takes inspiration from industrial spaces. Factories, warehouses and industrial areas are all being used by designers and specifiers for architectural inspiration. The use of concrete achieves a contemporary yet raw aesthetic and is now a leading feature on major architectural buildings and spaces. 

Previously considered an aesthetic for brutalist and controversial architecture, it has now become a material of choice around the world, associated with impressive design and style.


While it may look aesthetically pleasing, concrete has its challenges. While concrete can be used for a range of applications, it is inflexible once made and is hard to reuse or repurpose. It is also important to note that poorly made concrete can rot from water seepage and exposure to other elements, which can increase maintenance costs and potentially result in the need for replacement. While quality concrete is durable and strong, it is heavy to transport and build with, resulting in longer construction times and increased demands on resources and costs.

There is now a versatile, cost-effective solution available that can achieve a premium concrete aesthetic without compromising on performance and style.

DecoCrete is a high-quality concrete finish achieved through sublimation technology. It allows designers to achieve an industrial or classic concrete look without the weight, costs and logistical complexity of using real concrete. The DecoCrete effect is made by powder coating an aluminium profile/extrusion and then applying a realistic concrete pattern film to it. The pattern is then baked into the entire depth of the powder coated surface. 


DecoCrete is available in a textured or gloss finish, depending on the product. The colour range is inspired by the look of natural/raw concrete and includes light, polished and charcoal concrete colours. A highly durable and attractive finish, DecoCrete  is non-combustible and available in an anti-graffiti coating. 

DecoCrete can be used for a myriad of architectural applications and can be applied to the entire DECO range of lightweight, easy-to-install aluminium building products such as cladding, battens and kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. It can also be used for internal and external applications and has been tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

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DECO's NEW Concrete Finish 'DecoCrete'



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