Embrace the Versatility of DecoBatten Timber-Look Battens

There’s no denying it – timber battens are taking the world by storm. In recent years, they have roared into popularity, and have become the hot, must-have feature on homes and commercial projects alike.

DecoBatten™ timber-look battens offer all the beauty and en vogue style of timber battens, with the added bonus of being low-maintenance, non-combustible and easy to install. DecoBattens™ are a great option for enhancing your new home or project – and their lightweight nature and durability means you can consider a variety of appealing ways to add a batten feature to your home.  Don’t feel limited to just a simple batten wall – get creative with DecoBatten™ and make a statement. Here are just a few ways you can use the versatile DecoBatten™ system to create a show-stopping feature:

Garage Doors

With a two-piece ‘QuickClick™’ system offering concealed fixings, it has never been easier to attach battens to your garage door. A batten garage door not only adds a stylish edge and warm, natural textures and tones to your home, but the battens can be extended to the wall around the garage to create a seamless façade. Daniel Lomma Design’s contemporary WA home is an excellent example of the way a batten motif can extend from the garage door across the front of a home, creating an eye-catching feature oozing with curb appeal.



The entryway to your building can make a significant impression on your visitors or customers. Turn a simple transitional space into a memorable way to make an entrance. A batten feature wall can give off a warm, inviting vibe, following along the wall to your front door to guide people in. Adding backlights or lighting between the battens can also add an element of elegance, creating a grand, impactful entrance that showcases your impressive property or exemplifies the quality of your business. For variety, you could also try a batten wall on either side to flank your entry hall, or use wall-to-ceiling battens for a design that flows across the entire space.  This sophisticated entryway to a state-of-the-art Burwood apartment building is an excellent example of how battens can transform your entry into a work of art.



Battens needn’t just be attached to walls – they also make an elegant and beautiful vertical fence or privacy screen. DecoBatten™ one-piece battens are ideal for fencing applications, offering a seamless timber appearance all the way round and topped off with colour-matched end caps. Made using our Super Durable™ DecoWood™ marine grade finish, DecoBattens™ are corrosion-resistant and will not rot or warp like real timber – meaning they can also be used to create a snazzy pool fence!  Queensland designers Mosaic Group created a beautiful DecoBatten™ fence for their coastal property, Drift, using DecoBatten™ in DecoWood® Weathered Timber, which added the desired seaside aesthetic without fear of deterioration due to salt spray.


Creative Outdoor Features

Think outside the box with DecoBatten™. Durable, simple to install and with the appearance of real timber (minus the hassles associated with staining, painting and splinters), DecoBattens™ can be used in all manner of outdoor applications. Just ask Luke and Jasmin from the 2020 series of ‘The Block’  –   they got inventive and created a stunning daybed! Designers Oak & Orange also got resourceful, using DecoBatten™ as a feature around their outdoor barbecue area in their recent modern Aussie resort-style home.

If you’ve got a dream outdoor creation, DecoBatten™ could be the perfect solution, offering a natural touch to your outdoor features, without the worry that it will deteriorate if it gets wet outside.



Lightweight aluminium DecoBattens™ can easily be attached to a ceiling or soffit. Our two-piece ‘QuickClick™’ system, which allows the batten covers to simply click into place, allowing you to create amazing, eye-catching statements that will make people look up in awe. Deakin University’s ripple-effect ceiling illustrates how DecoBatten™ can be easily cut into a variety of lengths and staggered across a ceiling for an impressive, decorative canopy.

Alternatively, use DecoBatten™ one-piece battens to create a dramatic canopy over your building – this can be ideal for businesses who want to stand out and grab the attention of passers by. Architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke utilised DecoBatten™ to give a VIC shopping centre an extra ‘wow’ factor.



An old classic that shouldn’t be forgotten, batten facades are still popular for a reason. Liven up a plain wall with timber-look battens, and add a contrasting natural feature to a contemporary design. DecoBatten® adds a natural look and feel minus the hassle of maintenance. 

Get creative with your façade ideas – no need to stick to just walls; DecoBatten® can be installed across windows, doors and more for a cohesive and elegant design. This beautiful Queensland display home by Ausmar Homes features a striking DecoBatten frontage, which encompasses the front of the house including the windows of the master bedroom. 



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