Expanded DecoWood Colour Series – Six New Woodgrain Colours

Now you have even more choice with DecoWood with six new woodgrain colours added to our leading DecoWood Colour Series. The series now boasts 30 different woodgrain colours replicating natural timber species from Australia and across the world.

Ranging from light to dark, the new colours have been developed to provide more choice to designers and homeowners alike in the ever-changing design landscape, reflecting DECO’s commitment to providing innovating and relevant solutions to the building and design industry.

The new DecoWood colours include:

DecoWood Maple
A typical light pink hue for a soft timber finish.
DecoWood Smoked Ash
Smoked Ash
A dark beige colour with a large course grain.
DecoWood Driftwood
A dark grey with irregular grain for an old weathered appearance.
DecoWood European Walnut
European Walnut
A pale brown timber with a typical irregular walnut grain.
 DecoWood African Blackwood
African Blackwood
A darker timber with a lighter grain representing the species yellow sapwood.
 DecoWood Dark Mocha
Dark Mocha
A deep brunette or ‘mocha’ colour with wide grains for a modern, dark stained timber finish.

View the full DecoWood Colour Series here or order your free colour samples here.

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