FAQ Answered: Does DecoWood fade?

“Does it fade?” is one of the most common questions we receive at home shows. For people looking for an alternative to timber (which quickly turns silvery-grey in Australia’s harsh climate if not maintained properly) or composite wood (which fades faster than timber), we can understand their concern.

When we say that DecoWood is “Super Durable”, it’s not just marketing babble. Super Durable is one of the highest classes set by Qualicoat, the international powder coating standard. 

To comply with this standard, DecoWood is tested for years in Florida and Venice where there are high levels of the most corrosive environmental elements, including UV radiation, salt spray, humidity and pollution. 

Of all the testing DecoWood undergoes, this is seen as the most important as it tests the finish in real conditions. Changes in colour and gloss are measured regularly and must be within a strict limit specified by Qualicoat to be classified as Super Durable.

What does this mean for you? Even if your DecoWood windows, patio screens, shutters, garage doors, etc face the sun all day, they will still retain their beautiful timber colouring for many years, with almost no maintenance.

As an example, here is a "worst case" example of DecoWood's durability: the Bombora Seafood Restaurant, which had new DecoWood bifold windows and doors installed 10 years ago. The restaurant is spectacularly situated on Wollongong harbour - literally over the water - but the levels of sun and salt spray create a highly corrosive environment. 

Below is a photo of the DecoWood when it was first installed, and another taken just this week. The DecoWood has faded very naturally, with some colour richness lost due to the highly corrosive environment and northern exposure. But the colour and grain pattern is still strong, without ever needing painting or staining. 


Before: The DecoWood windows at Bombora Seafood Restaurant when first installed 10 years ago.


After: "Worst case scenario". The same windows 10 years on. 

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