FAQ Answered: How Much Maintenance Is 'Low Maintenance'?

Finally winter is behind us, and while it’s not yet beach weather, it is the time of year when we start to turn our minds towards spring cleaning. 

One of the distinguishing benefits that powder coated aluminium such as DecoWood has over timber is the fact that it is low maintenance. But ‘low’ means different things to different people so we wanted to set the record straight on what is required to keep your powder coating looking as good as new.

First and foremost, DecoWood never needs painting or staining. It’s powder coated aluminium, so even if you wanted to, using paints and stains on DecoWood would actually be really bad for it.

The maintenance required for DecoWood is the same as that of any aluminium powder coating. This is dictated by Australian Standard AS3715, which states that powder coated surfaces should be washed with soapy water every three to six months, depending on the location. 

If you live in an area where environmental corrosives are a concern, you may need to wash your DecoWood more frequently. The most common corrosives are UV exposure, salt spray (if you live within 200 metres of the ocean), pollution and humidity. A brush can also be used if it’s necessary to remove any grit that may be stuck in the texture of the powder coating.

However if these factors are not an issue where you live, feel free to relax and only wash your DecoWood every six months. 

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