FAQ Answered: Is DecoDeck noisy?


One of the great things about attending so many home shows is that we get to talk to people face to face about their concerns with DecoWood. One of the frequently asked questions about DecoDeck is, being an aluminium decking system, is it noisy?

The main concern seems to be about heeled shoes. At home shows we invite those wearing high heels to walk on the display deck to judge for themselves if they think it is noisy. Generally, people find the noise of footsteps a bit different, but they are pleasantly surprised to notice that the noise level is comparable to timber decking.

You can do this for yourself at any of our DecoDeck display locations. Find a DecoDeck display near you.

The other concern we have heard regarding noise is about the sound of rain falling on the deck. Perhaps people are drawing a connection between aluminium decking and tin roofs. 

The difference with DecoDeck is that the aluminium walls are about 2mm thick and so they absorb much of the sound of the rain. Material thickness has the greatest impact upon a material’s sound absorbing qualities.

But don’t take our word for it – test DecoDeck for yourself at one of our showrooms, or visit us at an upcoming home show.

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