Five Different Ways to use DecoWood

DecoWood® is a premium woodgrain powder-coated finish. Through innovative photo-imaging technology, DecoWood® can transform a wide range of aluminium buildings products to replicate the form, feel and appearance of real timber. Below are five unique products that look great with a DecoWood® finish. 

Security Screens

From traditional warm red hues to light and airy oak, security screens can be powder coated with DecoWood® to bring you the natural beauty of timber combined with the ease and durability of aluminium. 

Most of Australia's leading security screen providers offer DecoWood®, so you can have a timber-look security frame to match your timber doors and windows. 



Louvres a very popular in coastal, warm areas, as they allow for the coastal breeze and ventilation to move through the property without compromising your views. While the coastal lifestyle may be idyllic for you, it is not ideal for timber products. Timber shutters and louvres look stunning around the property but can quickly fade and look weathered if they are not maintained properly and regularly.

DecoWood™ louvres are a great alternative that is suitable for coastal applications featuring a marine grade and super durable finish.  


Garage doors

Did you know DecoWood® can be applied to steel too? Modern, beautiful and inviting, DecoWood® garage doors add the perfect touch to your home by combing the look and feel of natural timber with the strength and security of a steel door. There are a few options on the market, but only a DecoWood® garage door has the authentic look and feel of real timber. 


Framing / Display Systems 

AFI, Australia’s largest fabric signage printer and manufacturer, saw an opportunity to make the aluminium frames used for systems their main design feature by powder coating them in DecoWood®. The woodgrain finish not only adds a different look and feel to the retail display, but one that also provides the highest durability.


Architectural features

Almost any aluminium extrusion can be powder coated with DecoWood®. The opportunities are endless. MetalART Industries wanted to add an architectural feature to a food market in Epping, Victoria. The warm appearance of timber was the preferred choice to complement the theme of the building, however, it was also impractical. The “boomerangs” were impossible to achieve with timber. The cost of such massive statement pieces of timber would be unreasonable, and the weight would be too heavy to hang from the ceiling. The client opted for aluminium powder coated in DecoWood® and the result was indistinguishable from real timber.

To find out more about DecoWood® click here, or contact us to discuss your project requirements. 





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