Five Healthcare Design Projects Embracing DecoWood

An increased understanding of the connection between design and wellbeing is shifting today’s healthcare industry towards the development of spaces that can help enhance positivity and healing.

As the culture shifts, the healthcare industry is committed more than ever to the wellbeing of its patients and staff through biophilic design choices. Hospitals and healthcare buildings are now developing more creative forms of architecture and design that incorporate indoor/outdoor environmental qualities, vibrant colour schemes and natural-looking materials. 

Here are DECO’s top healthcare projects embracing our architectural timber-look finish, DecoWood.

Concord Hospital, New South Wales

Aluminium is highly regarded as a premium building material because of its durability and strength. 250 x 50mm battens were suspended from the ceiling at Concord Hospital. The woodgrain aluminium battens were specified due to its natural finish and being lightweight it required minimal labour to install.  Furthermore, DecoWood is a sustainable alternative timber and by choosing a timber-look aluminium product, the healthcare industry is reducing the destruction of forests and the use of harmful VOCs.


Products: 250 x 50mm DecoBattens
Colour: DecoWood Natural Ironbark 

Victorian Specialist Centre, Victoria

This state-of-the-art medical centre in Victoria’s Lower Templestowe is a great example of how biophilic design can provide an improved sense of wellbeing. The two-storey medical centre is a point of difference in the industry featuring a day hospital, therapy gym and consultation suites all designed to keep patients calm and relaxed. 

The use of timber-look DecoBattens on this project complements the tranquil, natural ethos of the centre by flowing the timber finish seamlessly from the outside into the building’s internal spaces. The custom finished woodgrain battens, clean white walls and soft blue furnishings achieve a stunning contrast that evokes a sense of wellbeing and serenity.


Products: 150 x 50mm and 50 x 50mm one-piece DecoBattens and flat sheet cladding by DecoPanel
Colour: Custom Finish

Cabrini Hospital, Malvern

Cabrini Hospital’s Gandel Wing has been designed with patient wellbeing in mind and is a major step forward for the hospital in their continuous efforts to provide the best experience and service to their patients. Careful consideration of treatment quality, comfort and calmness for their patients was front of mind when Bates Smart designed the new wing. Inner sanctuaries and courtyards designed with timber-look DecoDeck provided a welcoming space for patients and visitors to escape and relax.

The Cabrini Malvern project demonstrates the expansion of healthcare design and how to enhance patient comfort. According to the architects' Bates Smart “The design utilises salutogenic principles with a focus on creating spaces in partnership with nature and technology, which encourage healing rather than simply treating disease”


 Image Source: Kane Construction

Products: DecoDeck
Colour: DecoWood Natural Weathered Timber

Orygen and OYH Parkville

Designed by Billard Leece Partnership, this inner-city clinical, research and educational facility for youth health recognises that healthcare environments should not be a daunting and stressful experience for young people. 

Built into a slope and surrounded by bush, the central theme of nature is expressed throughout the Orygen building. Keeping the desires and wishes of young people front of mind, the facility was designed to craft a friendly environment with a sense of freedom by incorporating expansive decks and indoor/ outdoor spaces. Adding to the warmth and feel of the building are DecoWood finished linear lights by Mlight which can be found suspended throughout multiple spaces. 

Products: Mlight Linear Lighting
Colour: DecoWood 

Warner Health Medical Centre 

Warner Health in Queensland is a family medical centre located outside a shopping mall that has successfully completed a refreshing upgrade on its traditional medical centre style. The refurbishment included cladding the building with 100 x 50 DecoBattens finished in DecoWood Natural Casuarina to give the facility an identifiable and strong street presence, which has a welcoming and motivating impact on its patients. 


Products: 100mm x 50mm DecoBattens
Colour: DecoWood natural Casuarina

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