Five Teflon Uses for Your Commercial Kitchen

Say goodbye to loaves sticking in trays, half your cake being left behind in the mould and messy kitchen equipment with Teflon®, the non-stick, frictionless coating for all your commercial cookware needs. Whether you are a baker, cheesemaker, fast moving consumer goods manufacturer, kebab shop or anything in between, Teflon® is the ideal solution to all your sticky substance woes.

This versatile non-stick coating can be used to create a smooth, frictionless surface on:


Pie, Cake and Muffin Pallets

Teflon® is the ideal non-stick coating for baking pies, cakes and muffins, ensuring your baked goods can slide seamlessly out of the tray and onto the rack or into their packaging. Your trays can then be reused without having to scrape crumbs out of them first. 

Conveyor belts

In the commercial food industry, conveyor belts often become covered in residue from sauces, pastry flakes, chip flavouring and a variety of other substances. No matter what you are manufacturing, if you want to make sure your fast-moving consumer goods keep moving and don’t stick to the production line, Teflon® coating your conveyors is the way to go. 

Cheesemaking moulds

Making cheeses can be a messy business. Some cheeses are delicate and need to be gently slid out of the mould or they will break, while soft cheeses can stick to the mould, making them difficult to remove. A smooth Teflon coating on the inside of your cheesemaking moulds can help you produce perfect, even cheeses and pop them out without issue.

Teflon® is also a good frictionless coating for parts used in moulding machines. 



Cook your charcoal chickens, kebab meat, hot dogs and spit roasts with ease by Teflon® coating your rotisseries. Not only does the non-stick function of Teflon® mean your meat will slide easily off its skewer once cooked, but fatty residue, grease and moisture can be easily cleaned off. 

Sheet Pans 

Flat sheet pans are a staple cookware item in many commercial bakeries, allowing bakers to create interestingly-shaped loaves, pastries, biscuits and more. Teflon® is the ideal solution to ensure every item comes off the tray intact. 

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