HOMEOWNER Q&A: House 02 – DNA of Design Project

Delve into our conversation with homeowner Mishelle Morgan, who, in collaboration with DNA of Design, is the star of their latest series. Showcasing the remarkable transformation of her once mismatched home in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland into the ultimate embodiment of coastal living. 

In this Q&A session, we learn about the details of this inspiring joint project and explore the motivations behind their choice of using DecoDeck

The outdoor entertainment area is a stunning feature in this house, and you picked a DECO product. What is the product and why did you choose it?

Thank you, it’s been a wonderful experience and DecoWood was a huge part of that! We went with DecoDeck for the deck and it’s just stunning!

There are many reasons why we chose DecoDeck, one of the main ones being its revolutionary timber-look feature. We fell in love with the fact that it’s made from durable aluminium yet has the look of timber thanks to the DecoWood timber grain finish and beautiful DecoWood Curly Birch shade. This let us complement the forest surroundings with a natural look, while taking advantage of the high-quality and robust build of aluminium. Other reasons we chose DecoDeck included its easy installation, marine-grade powder coating that’s perfect for the home’s QLD location, slip-resistant coating, and its ability to disperse heat evenly so we’ll never burn our feet on those scorching hot days!

Can you tell us what your design vision was and how DecoDeck resonates with the “wabi-sabi philosophy” you were trying to achieve?

Our inspiration for the design of the home came largely from the wabi-sabi philosophy, which is about embracing imperfection and simplicity. It’s also about incorporating more natural elements into the home to create spaces that are authentic, functional, and calm. 

Thanks to DecoDeck’s timber-look feature, we were able to integrate the natural, organic elements of wabi-sabi design all the way from the inside to the outside areas of the home. The appearance of timber merges seamlessly with the surrounding forestry, and the DecoWood Curly Birch colour also complements our tile and furniture selections perfectly. Every element looks and feels cohesive, and DecoDeck ties everything together.

How did you go about selecting the perfect finish across the DecoDeck colour range?  

We needed a colour for the deck that wouldn’t distract from the natural surrounds, but that would also complement the interior colours and design of the home. Together with Andy and Deb, we ended up choosing the DecoWood Curly Birch finish, which has a beautiful light beige shade with oak-toned grains. 

DecoWood Curly Birch is the perfect finish for the deck as it has such a contemporary feel to it, which works perfectly with the modern wabi-sabi design of the home’s interior. It balances with the abundance of trees that surround the house, pulling through the light brown tones of the bark. With a few pot plants on the deck bursting with greenery, it’s the ultimate juxtaposition! The entire outdoor area feels like a dreamy getaway.

What were some of the considerations brought up when designing and sourcing materials for the outdoor entertainment/pool area?

With such a large extension underway, we knew it would reduce the size of the backyard, which would in turn leave us with steep slopes. That’s where the back deck came in, which helped to extend the outdoor living space. The deck also drastically helped with the design of the home, taking the previous mishmash of terracotta and grey tiles, to now creating a cohesive look with the DecoWood Curly Birch shade and other neutrals in the home.

We also had to consider the material of the deck, its proximity to the pool, and we needed something that would withstand the harsh QLD climate. DecoDeck’s aluminium build turned out to be the perfect material for the deck. It has a slip-resistant finish that reassures safety for my family and a marine-grade coating made specifically for coastal environments.

Another important thing for me that Andy & Deb took into consideration was that I didn’t want the deck to require a lot of upkeep. Thankfully, DecoDeck is extremely low maintenance, termite-proof and the perfect choice for our large, blended family. I feel confident that we’re going to enjoy this deck for many years to come.


How did your team go with the installation of DecoDeck? 

Getting DecoDeck installed couldn’t have been easier. DecoWood made the process a breeze allowing us to easily customise the deck according to our requirements which also made installation quick and fuss-free for our team. I love that you can get your own builders to do it for you, or you can do it yourself with DecoDeck’s DIY installation. It's a great option for beginners and those looking for a budget-friendly set-up.

What is your favourite feature of DecoDeck?

There are honestly too many to choose from, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the overall high-quality nature of DecoDeck. It’s clearly designed and built to last, making it an ideal option for my large family. We love to entertain, and with such a beautiful, durable deck, we can always feel proud to have loved ones over and entertain outside. It’s not just stunning, but we’re confident that it’s there to be enjoyed for so many years to come. 

If you could use another DECO product on this project, what would it be and why? 

DecoSlat would be a great product to bring on to make a screened-off area near the pool. It would blend in perfectly with the DecoDeck decking since it’s also made from aluminium yet has the look of timber. I think the DecoWood American Oak colour would work perfectly with the deck, or even DecoWood Bush Cherry as it would provide a nice contrast. I love how it’s just as easy to install and maintain, as it also doesn’t need to be sanded, painted, or stained. 

Can you share your top three renovating tips after this mammoth renovation!? 

Certainly! Here are my top three tips for those looking to take on a big renovation:

1. Have a clear vision from the start! Whether it’s an overall theme or style, it’s important to have a clear and concise vision of the result. Work from there and make an organised plan of everything from the furniture to whether you’d like a BBQ in your outdoor entertainment area. 

2. To create a sense of flow, use a neutral colour palette indoors and outdoors. This especially helps when building indoor-outdoor living, and it’s what we did using the deck. We pulled neutral tones from inside the home to the outside area, creating a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors. 

3. Think functional, functional, functional! Just like in this home, yours might also have areas that can be repurposed to provide a better flow or function. We turned a rickety staircase into an office, transformed an unused living area into another bedroom, and moved the kitchen downstairs, and turned the old kitchen into a lounge room. Each space feels so much more purposeful and there’s now a cohesive feel throughout the home.

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To find out more about House 02, click here.

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