Insider: Real Wood vs DecoWood

There are many reasons why we started DecoWood. Mainly we noticed how scruffy timber looks after a few years without maintenance, and once we started seeing it we noticed that scruffy, faded timber was everywhere.

Even if we have the best intentions, the reality is that no one has time to maintain timber these days. Once we accept this fact, the task becomes about finding a suitable alternative to best suit our busy lifestyles.

At DECO, effortless living is our top priority. But what does that mean? Effortless living is about respecting your own time and living life intelligently. It’s about getting back in the driver’s seat and making smart choices.

We recently got an enquiry about replacing timber cladding that had failed on 50 townhouses in one of Sydney’s beachside suburbs. The timber was only one year old.

The takeaway? Timber is risky. Looking at the photos below, it’s clear that regular sanding back and staining is not only necessary, but it’s obviously too much work for a lot of people.

With DecoWood, you know that the ride ahead is going to be smooth. DecoWood gives you one less thing you need to worry about, saving your time and energy for the more important things in life.

Live effortlessly.


Left: Real wood
Right: DecoWood Bush Cherry


Left: Real wood
Right: DecoWood Western Red Cedar


Left: Real wood
Right: DecoWood Bush Cherry

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