Interior battens: spruce up the inside of your home

Timber and timber-look battens are on trend, and they don’t look to be going away any time soon. But while we are all aware of how fantastic battens look on your façade, across your windows, as a fence or even over your garage door, don’t forget battens can add a touch of class to the interior of your home as well. With both decorative and functional qualities, battens can give your house the contemporary chic internal makeover you were looking for. 

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use battens in your interior design. 


 As interior design continues to do away with traditional closed-off rooms in favour of a more open concept, interior screening can be a great way to mark different spaces, while still promoting light and airflow throughout. 


Classic banisters are old hat – today’s contemporary home designs are finding new and inventive ways to section off staircases – and battens serve not only as a protective railing but add a beautiful aesthetic to your stairway that follows you from one floor to the next. 



Add some visual interest to your ceiling with a batten pattern – or work your battens in around your lighting for an impressive effect. Whether you attach battens to the ceiling directly or have them hanging and suspended, they can make a statement. 


Cabinets and benches

Kitchen cabinetry doesn’t have to be plain or bland – spruce it up with battens for that extra wow factor in your kitchen. Battens can be installed around your benchtops, islands and even cupboards and drawers.


Get the look: DecoBatten®

If you are looking for timber battens to enhance your interior design, DecoBatten® provides the timber-look batten aesthetic you desire, minus the hassle. Lighter in weight than solid timber and with no maintenance, DecoBatten® aluminium battens come in a variety of woodgrain finishes to match your aesthetic, and are available in one-piece battens ideal for screening and hanging ceilings, or two-piece designs to click easily against walls, cabinets or directly to the ceiling itself.

Find out more about DecoBatten® here, or contact our team for a quote on your project. 

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