Interior Design: 5 Ways to Use DecoBatten® Inside

Straight lines, curves, textures, and statement features are all staples of beautiful interior design. And what better way than to bring these elements into your space than with the timber batten look?

Versatile and attractive, DecoBatten® – the aluminium timber-look batten – can fulfil almost any design brief. From curved battens and wave effects to straight vertical batten walls and hanging ceiling features, there is something to suit every design style and to take your space to the next level.

From homes to commercial spaces, here are our top five ways DecoBatten® has helped transform and create unforgettable interior spaces.

1. Interior Walls and Screening

Batten walls are the interior feature everyone is talking about. Vertical battens can add texture and warmth to a room, as well as make a big statement – but they are not just limited to decorative features. Battens can also be used as a wall in and of themselves, creating a screen or barrier to divide a room or add some privacy, while still allowing light and air to flow through the space. 


2. Entryways and Stairways

First impressions count. And for any commercial space an entryway is a space that leaves a lasting impression. Adding vertical timber-look battens to your entryway introduces guests or visitors to the space in an impressive way, adding a sense of grandeur as well as some natural warmth and beauty. 


3. Suspended Ceilings

Statement ceilings are set to become a hot interior design trend for 2022, according to Foyr. Ceilings can change the feel and character of a room or open space. Battens can add texture or patterns to a ceiling, or can be hung from the roof to create a grand statement. In commercial spaces, they can also help visually separate spaces or rooms without the need for other barriers. 


4. Fireplaces

Because DecoBattens are made from 100% solid aluminium, they are non-combustible and fire safe. This makes them the perfect addition around a designer fireplace, as seen in this amazing project by Studio Block


5. Curved Designs

Curves are in this year, from furniture to walls, so why not add some circular elements to your batten design as well? Curved or tubular timber-look battens add a handcrafted smoothness to a design and let the natural warmth of the timber look undulate and flow across the space. 


DecoBatten®: a style to suit all interior designs

With one-piece and two-piece systems, in a variety of shapes and sizes, DecoBatten® timber-look aluminium battens have something to suit every design. Whether you want to create a dramatic feature, a functional design element, or simply add a bit of natural warmth, DecoBatten® has something to enhance every space. 

Made from durable aluminium with a sublimated powder coat finish, it will never decay, warp or peel, and offers zero-to-low maintenance, making DecoBatten® a fantastic solution for homes and high-traffic locations such as shopping centres, retail and hospitality venues.

DecoBatten® is available in a natural textured finish or in our special glossy smooth finish, which replicates polished wood.

To find out more about DecoBatten®, visit our Innovation Centre for creative inspiration or contact our helpful team


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