Interview with an Architect: Jordan Curran

Clarke Hopkins Clarke are a well-known and respected Architecture firm based in Melbourne and Sydney. Some of their innovative and impressive projects featuring DECO products include Shopping on Clyde and Dunes at Torquay. We interviewed architect and CHC Partner Jordan Curran to get an insight into the design world and how his experience with DECO has been thus far.

How would you describe your signature style?

“We like to create a bold statement at a large scale for each project but then everything at the lower levels is about engaging with and creating interest for people”.


Are you concerned about environmental sustainability in your buildings?

“Definitely. In every project we focus on Energy consumption, Orientation, material selection. Sustainable power is a very critical element for us. Many of our retail projects look at minimising energy consumption and either being naturally ventilated / natural light or focus on solar voltaic. We have also used geo thermal radiant heating and cooling. Where holes are dug into the ground, hundreds of tubes go into the ground and pump water through the tubes, the ground regulates the temperate of the water and the water is pumped back up to the building and natural heats / cools”.

What is the greatest challenge when designing a building?

“We have a big focus on creating a building that has a strong connection back to the site. For all our sites we try to research the history and context of the area to see where we can get an idea from, create a ‘sense of place’”.

How has your experience with DECO as a company been so far?

“All very positive. We have been very happy with the quality and outcomes of all DECO products used on our projects”. 

What do you love about the products available? What made you choose them? Do they help overcome challenges?

“We like the texture but also longevity and low maintenance. The materials that we have really liked in the past have been the battens in more neutral timber colours, the cladding in a weatherboard look as it gives us the texture”.

The solid aluminium cladding will be very important for us ongoing - we really like the battens on ceilings and how the natural light filters through them. We also like the warmth of the timber against a neutral or texture material”.

What are the most important factors you think about when choosing architectural products?

•Australian standards compliant

•Longevity end durability especially on retail/commercial projects

•Lots of texture at the ground floor as this is where people interact with it

•Durability at the ground floor

•Quality material

Are there features or aesthetics in common that you find a lot of your clients ask for?

“Yes. Durability is a big one for clients. Every project is a large capital outlay for clients and we want to make sure that is looks great now and in 20 years time”.

What would you like to see more of in architectural designs and buildings in the future?

“A big focus on landscaping and creating places for people. a lot of architects are looking for more ‘raw honest buildings’ use of materials”.



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