Introducing DECO Industrial

January 2019

After producing quality Australian-made timber-look aluminium architectural products for 15 years, DECO are proud to announce the opening of our brand new arm : DECO Industrial. This new DECO venture means that, alongside our popular architectural products and aluminium surface finishings, we are now able to offer a wide range of protective coatings, finishes and metal pre-treatments for the industrial sector. Deco Industrial will complement our current finishing and architectural product business,  and will allow us to provide a wider range of quality metal  finishes and coatings to a wide variety of industries.

DECO Industrial and DECO Architectural have now converged in one convenient location. Our new combined factory is located at 67-77 Airds Road, Minto. Please contact us on 02 9603 1888.


 DECO Industrial Products and Services

Our DECO Industrial manufacturing facility offers a variety of metal protective coating, finishing and pre-treatment services to give your metal components extra durability, corrosion and chemical resistance, wear resistance and longevity. They also allow for an attractive aesthetic appearance, with a range of customisable colour and gloss options available. 

Products and services include:

  • •Anodising
  • •Hard Anodising
  • •Powder Coating
  • •E-Coating
  • •Teflon/PTFE Coating
  • •Ceramic Coatings/Cerakote
  • •Thermoplastic Coating
  • •Zinc Coatings
  • •Abrasive Blasting/Dry Blasting
  • •Vapour Honing/Wet Blasting


Industries Serviced

DECO Industrial supports a range of industries, creating quality, attractive and wear-resistant metal coatings suitable for many different industry needs. We understand the need for metal components that are hard wearing, rust resistant, will withstand exposure to extreme elements, and are attractive in appearance. 

DECO Industrial services the following industries:

  • •Mechanical engineering
  • •Medical
  • •Dental
  • •Aviation
  • •Aerospace
  • •Defence
  • •Sporting equipment
  • •Mining
  • •Food processing and cookware
  • •Manufacturing 



For all your military and defence needs, DECO Industrial tests all its products to MIL SPEC standards. A popular choice for military applications is our ceramic coating range, which includes Cerakote. DECO Industrial is one of the few Australian companies with accreditation as a Cerakote applicator. 

Australian Standards

All DECO industrial products are tested onsite to ensure they meet AS 3715 (for powder coated aluminium) and AS 4506 (for powder coated metals) thickness, gloss, durability and pretreatment requirements.

DECO Industrial complies with ISO9001 for provision of metal finishing services that meet Australian regulations and customer needs. 

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