Low maintenance landscaping with DECO

Timber is often incorporated into landscaping designs to soften and add warmth to an area. It is used to build decks, privacy screens, seats and to create feature statement pieces in the garden. 

Timber, however, requires a lot of maintenance and can be costly to keep looking nice. Just like timber, DecoWood creates an environment of warmth and style....nut without the upkeep! DECO’s timber-look aluminium products provide an effortless and low maintenance alternative for popular landscaping designs. 



People often think to create texture in your landscape design you need to incorporate plants. Using lots of plants does create a beautiful effect, but don’t forget about adding texture with the use of natural materials such as stone and timber. These two materials complement each other and have an eternal style that works with many different environments. DecoWood products will give you the natural look and feel of timber without the costly ongoing maintenance of using real wood.



Improve your street appeal with an attractive entrance, gate and fence. Do you like the look of a timber fence but don’t want the job of having to oil and stain it every 6 months? DecoSlat aluminium slat fences and gates are coated with our luxurious DecoWood finish and will make your life a whole lot easier. Your front yard gate and fence design should not only complement the look of your home and create visual appeal, but also provide you with privacy and security. 

Tip: For extra street appeal, accessorise your front fence with a street sign. For more information on aluminium signage visit DecoSign.


Timber is often used to create seated areas that add visual appeal to the backyard. Entertaining in the backyard is the Australian way of life and having multiple seating options not only makes your garden more functional, but also provides a visual asset to the space. 

The boxed style timber bench can be created using the Super Durable ™ DecoWood aluminium product. 



Slats and battens are great products for creating unique aesthetic appeal that other privacy screens may not achieve. Vertical battens by DecoBatten can be evenly spaced to create an architectural element to your landscape design as well as add more privacy. Alternatively, DecoSlat can also be used to create a contemporary private oasis to your outdoor living area. Their timber-look finish comes in a range of colours and will create a timeless feature to your landscape design. 



A well-designed BBQ area isn’t just about cooking the food, it must also encourage a social interaction within the garden and complement its environmental surroundings. Australia’s climate can be harsh, and therefore, it is important to consider what materials you use when building your outdoor BBQ area, to ensure you and your guests get to enjoy it for many years to come. DECO’s timber-look aluminium is a great alternative to real timber as it can withstand harsh environment conditions and is easy to keep clean. 

Aluminium is a non-combustible material making it a great fire-safe option, and being a good conductor of heat, it will always remain a comfortable temperature when in direct sunlight.  



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