Myth Buster: Does DecoDeck Aluminium Decking Get Hot?

It’s something we’ve heard time and time again. DecoDeck is made of aluminium – a metal product. And metal gets hot in the sun – right? Wrong! Believe it or not, while solid timber decking does get hot, DecoDeck’s Super Durable ™ powder coated aluminium will stay a comfortable temperature even when the sun shines on it, and will allow you to walk on it in bare feet, even on the hottest day of summer. Let us take you through all the reasons why DecoDeck won’t burn your feet, and why the myth that DecoDeck aluminium decking gets really hot has been well and truly BUSTED.


DecoDeck conducts heat well

You may not know it, but aluminium is a great conductor of heat, and always adjusts to the ambient temperature. While other materials such as timber and plastic retain heat, aluminium has more electrons than these materials, meaning the heat passes evenly through it, distributing it across the surface of your deck so no one area becomes too hot and keeping the temperature of your deck down so it stays comfortable to touch.


DecoDeck is hollow

What does this mean? Unlike solid timber or plastic, DecoDeck’s hollow aluminium boards will maintain airflow through the deck, preventing heat from building up in any one area and regulating the temperature of the deck. Heat does not remain concentrated in certain areas, as it would with a solid material, but dissipates across the entire deck.


DecoDeck is powder coated

While your DecoDeck is made of metal, it is coated with a Super Durable ™ powder coating infused with rubber particles. It is this coating you will be stepping on, not the metal beneath. This powder coating further insulates your DecoDeck.  FYI: This Super Durable ™ powder coating is also a marine grade finish tested on extreme exposure sites and can withstand extreme UV exposure. This means it will have only minimal fading, even in the hot sun.

Next time you’re concerned about your feet when walking to your pool on a summer’s day, remember: you don’t have to be! DecoDeck is the COOL option for pool and garden decking this summer.


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