Native Garden Designs with DecoWood Australian Native Species Range

Want to incorporate the beauty of Australia’s native timbers in your garden design without the hassle of ongoing maintenance?? Choose DecoWood® timber-look finishes for aluminium! Here are some of our favourite garden and landscape designs incorporating DecoWood’s Australian Native Species collection. 

Coastal Bush Beauty with a Spotted Gum DecoDeck

Spotted gum is one of Australia’s most popular timber species. Its soft grey-brown colour and wavy grain make it an attractive reminder of the Australian wilderness. Spotted Gum decking is a favourite among many Australians, and you can recreate this fantastic look, minus the maintenance, with DecoWood® Spotted Gum on our popular slip-resistant aluminium decking, DecoDeck®. 

Pair with: The stunning reds of native plants such as grevillias and bottlebrushes create a  beautiful natural contrast to the soft tones of the Spotted Gum colour. Alternatively, build your Spotted Gum DecoDeck around your pool area, pairing the native timber tone with the blue of the water to recreate the essence of the Australian coast.

Give your garden some beach vibes with DecoWood® Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak is a popular timber for its light colour and straight grain, and is great for adding some light and airy coastal vibes to your home and garden. Our DecoWood® Tasmanian Oak finish offers the sunny, sandy tones of the real timber, minus all the hassle of staining, sanding and repainting. For a warm, bright look perfect for coastal homes, why not build a DecoSlat® decorative screen in your yard finished in this beautiful colour? 

Pair with: Match your house to your garden by adding some DecoWood® Tasmanian Oak windows and doors, and add a few tropical plants such as frangipanis or some coastal scrub to make the light, sandy hue of the finish stand out even more. 

View DecoWood Australian Native Species colour series here

Add warmth to your garden with DecoBatten fencing in Bush Cherry Batten Fence in DecoBatten Bush Cherry

DecoWood® Bush Cherry offers beautiful reddish tones reminiscent of Australia’s native plants and red soil. To add a bit of warmth to your yard and a classic Australian feel, try using our popular vertical batten system, DecoBatten®, in Bush Cherry as an alternative to a typical garden fence. 

Pair with: Bush Cherry’s warmth stands out well against grey gum trees or green shrubbery. You could also try building a lighter-colour deck, to allow the reddish hue to really pop, making your DecoBatten® fence not only a great complement to your garden, but an outstanding feature. 

Create a Stylish Jarrah DecoSlat® privacy screen 

Jarrah is well-known for its unique burgundy tones, and is a sleek, sophisticated option for Aussie homes and gardens across the country.  DecoWood® Jarrah is a fantastic alternative to the crowd-pleasing timber, that will retain that rich purplish hue even in direct sunlight. To add a touch of class around your garden you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come, while keeping your yard a private sanctuary, why not create a Jarrah DecoSlat® privacy screen?  If you want to make your design even more edgy, try using louvres finished in DecoWood ® Jarrah as part of your fence or screen, so you can control the amount of sunlight that comes into your garden. Jarrah DecoSlat DecoWood Louvres

Pair with: Jarrah’s bold hue means it works well as a statement feature. Try offsetting it against a plain or white brick wall, or surround it with simple green shrubbery to allow its natural tones to really shine.

All our stunning features are marine grade and UV stable, and can be used in even the harshest of Australian conditions. 

Got a landscape designed garden in mind? Contact us for more information, and we can help your garden dream come true. 

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