Need a hardwearing finish? Try thermoplastic coating

Powder coating is an excellent coating for machinery and infrastructure due to its durability, corrosion resistance and customisation options. It is truly a tough coating, and one that stands the test of time. In some engineering applications, where components are exposed to extreme wear, extreme weather conditions, or frequent exposure to high pressure water flows,  an even tougher, more flexible and durable type of powder coating – thermoplastic coating – can bring added benefits.

Thermoplastic coating differs from regular coating in that it is not baked or cured after application – the heat from the preheated component melts the coating to attach it to the surface of the metal. The result is a softer coating that is more impact-resistant, and can be melted and reset if damaged. Thermoplastic powders include PVDF, polyamides, PVC and polyolefins. They typically have strong resistance to chemicals, extremely strong corrosion resistance, and offer a smooth, even coating over the part. Polyamides can also be used for food contact applications.

The high corrosion, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance means thermoplastic coatings are excellent for parts that take a battering from frequent use or exposure to extreme conditions. They are typically used in engineering applications such as:

  • -water pipes – both as an internal and external coating
  • -steel or aluminium frames, balustrades, railings and columns in infrastructure projects
  • -oil and gas pipelines
  • -shopping trolleys and storage carts

DECO uses the highly durable Plascoat PPA 571 to provide effective corrosion and impact protection for metal components. To find out more about how our thermoplastic coating services can benefit your next engineering project, click here.

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