Pairing Timber and Concrete Looks: Why You Shouldn't Miss This Chic New Trend

When planning to build or design a new home or commercial building, keeping on-trend and creating something stylish and aesthetically pleasing is likely at the forefront of your mind. Two architectural trends that are standing out at the moment – and creating bold and beautiful statements – are industrial designs and timber features on facades.

The ‘industrial chic’ look is a recent trend you certainly won’t have missed. What started with the conversion of old factories into designer apartments and event venues has become a phenomenal international sensation. With its raw, urban feel, use of exposed brick, concrete slabs and plenty of clean lines, the industrial look has made its mark not just on high rises and commercial buildings such as stores, but on the everyday suburban home as well. Industrial chic is modern, it’s fresh, and it fits in with today’s hipster trend of repurposing old objects into something new and exciting. Concrete façades or features are one of the most popular aspects of the industrial chic movement – no doubt you’ve seen countless concrete designs cropping up around you.

The other popular trend sweeping the architectural world is – in contrast – the natural timber look. In the last five years or so, the architectural world has entered a ‘timber age’, embracing the natural warmth and soft tones of wood, and reinventing the traditional timber façade to create bold, stunning new features. Timber and timber-look battens continue to rise in popularity, while fresh takes on traditional weatherboard cladding are allowing architects and builders to create modern classics.

For a truly stunning, on-point look for your project, why not combine these two trends? The raw, edgy look of concrete pairs well with the warmth of timber, creating an architectural masterpiece that is certain to turn heads. Here are some of our favourite combinations of concrete and timber looks:

Timber-look battens on a concrete facade

Timber-look battens are currently having their moment in the sun – you may have noticed them appearing on the outside of houses and high rises all across the suburbs. When offset against a raw concrete-look cladding or rendering, the warmth of the timbergrain  pops even more, making for an eye-catching feature. 


Timber-look cladded feature walls

Mixing different types of cladding can have a stunning effect. By placing a timber-look cladded feature wall right beside a concrete-cladded wall, the contrast is accentuated, playing up both the cool, raw features of the concrete and the gentle, natural tones of the timbergrain.


Concrete kitchens with woodgrain accents

With urbanism and refurbished factories having their moment, kitchens these days are moving towards recreating that gritty, modern look, using concrete-look splashbacks. Combining this with a timbergrain light fixture, cupboard or shelf can add a touch of stylish sophistication to offset al that raw concrete. If you want to mix things up, this look can work the opposite way round too – a timber-look splashback can add a rustic edge to a modern kitchen. 


Timber-look accents and edgings

Want to keep your design simple? Clad your building with concrete, then add a bit of contrast with timber-look windows frames, shutters, doors and garage doors. This look took off in India, where wood is scarce but a small amount adds a nice accent to an urban concrete dwelling – and it is a fantastic look to try out on your own home.


Get the look with DecoWood and DecoCrete

Achieving a mix of concrete and timber aesthetics has never been easier with DECO’s superb timber-look and concrete-look aluminium building products. Using sublimation technology and powder coating to achieve realistic timber and concrete finishes, DECO products are lightweight and far easier to install than real timber or concrete – but once they’re on your building, no one will be able to tell the difference.

To clad your building in either an urban concrete look, a warm timber look, or a mix of both aesthetics, find out more about DecoClad, our solid aluminium cladding available in both DecoWood and DecoCrete finishes.

For standout feature walls, read more about DecoBatten, our solid aluminium battens available in a variety of sizes. DECO recommends combining battens in DecoWood with cladding in DecoCrete for a stunning contrast.

For splashbacks to help your kitchen make a statement, read more about DecoSplash,available in DecoCrete or a variety of timber-look finishes for a bold, natural aesthetic.  

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