Protective Coatings 101: Why Protect Your Parts?

No matter what your components are used for, it is crucial to keep them in the best condition possible. Even when made from tough metals, machine parts, components and other equipment can be susceptible to wear, contamination and other forms of damage over time.  Coatings and surface finishes offer many varieties of protection, and different coatings can give you different types of protection to suit your project needs.

Read on for our guide to how protective coatings can benefit your project.

Reduced wear and tear

If your parts are in frequent use, they will be susceptible to wear and tear over time. As components start to wear down, your machinery will no longer function at optimal levels, which can in turn affect your productivity. Replacing worn components can also take up a lot of time and be costly. Applying a protective coating to your machine parts can reduce wear and tear, therefore reducing the frequency of replacement and therefore preventing excessive machine downtime. Coatings such as anodising and ceramic coating are ideal for protecting moving parts or parts with tight tolerances from wear.


Reduced friction

The wear and tear of parts can be accelerated in high friction applications. Friction resistant coatings such as Teflon coating are an effective way of reducing this, therefore allowing fast moving parts to function for longer. Lubricious coatings such as Teflon can also prevent buildups of substances, such as glue or foodstuffs, from creating more friction and impacting the functionality of your machinery.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance is one of the most important factors when it comes to protecting metal parts. Components exposed to extreme weather, or high levels of water and salt spray, will need sufficient corrosion protection to prevent the metal degrading and deteriorating over time. Anodising and hard anodising are ideal finishes for protecting aluminium parts from corrosion, as they form a protective aluminium oxide ‘skin’ over the metal. With the right pre-treatment, powder coating also offers exceptional protection from corrosion, and can be used even on building materials such as extrusions and signage.

Abrasion resistance

Hardwearing parts require hardwearing coatings. Components such as weapon parts, vehicle components, engine parts and fast-moving machinery parts all require coatings which will protect them from abrasion, either from impact when they move against each other, or from abrasion caused by external substances. As an exceptionally hard coating, hard anodising offers a tough finish for aluminium components, which will protect against scratches, dings, scuffs and more. Ceramic coatings such as Cerakote are also extremely hard and ideal for projects where abrasion resistance is required, while thermoplastic coating, as a soft, impact resistant coating, can be heated and ‘healed’ if dented.


Chemical resistance

If you are working with chemicals or acids, you will need to ensure your machinery and components can withstand the substances they will be exposed to. Chemical resistant coatings can prevent chemicals from eating at or damaging parts of your machine, system or even the inside of your pipes. Teflon coatings are famous for their ability to prevent both wet and dry substances from adhering to their surfaces, and are therefore a good option for chemically resistant applications, while thermoplastic coatings are also a popular choice for pipe linings, due to their chemical resistance.

DECO: tough coatings for a longer life

With over 15 years of experience in the surface finishing industry, DECO offers a wide range of protective coatings suitable for all applications. Alongside our specialised DecoUltra anodised and hard anodised finishes, DECO also offers Super Durable™ powder coating, FDA-approved Teflon coating, as well as a range of other specialty finishes. With your project needs in mind, DECO can create custom or duplex finishes, to make sure all your coating requirements are met.

Contact our team to discuss your project requirements and discover how our specialised coatings can be tailored to your needs.

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