Protective Coatings for Your Industrial Needs

No matter what industry you are in, protective coatings are an essential aspect of your equipment, machinery or even your products themselves. DECO offers a wide range of protective coatings to suit different industry requirements, from powder coating and anodising to ceramic coating and zinc coating.


Electrically insulating coatings are beneficial here, as well as coatings that can give off a ‘space age’ or contemporary aesthetic, such as for laptop cases or phone stands. 

Coatings to consider: Thermoplastic coating, Anodising and Hard Anodising


Farm equipment needs to be at its best, and protected against the weather, corrosion, contamination or wear over time. 

Coatings to consider: Powder coating, Ceramic coating and Anodising



Corrosion is a big issue in the mining industry, as well as coatings that can withstand chemicals, harsh impact and frequent wear and tear. 

Coatings to consider: Hard anodising, Powder coating and Zinc flake coating



Durable, long-lasting and protected against impact and corrosion are all crucial factors for defence coatings. Colour may also be important, to disguise camouflage vehicles or equipment, or to comply with regulation colour codes.

Coatings to consider: Powder coating, Anodising,  Hard anodising and Ceramic coating


Customisation is a key feature of the automotive industry, with many vehicle owners, resellers or refurbishers wishing to spruce up their rides. Durability and corrosion resistance are also important for metal parts on the outside of the vehicle.

Coatings to consider: Ceramic coating and Anodising


Water and piping

Resistance to chemicals and moisture are important when building or lining water or chemical pipes. Coatings resistant to mould and mildew are also crucial.

Coatings to consider: Thermoplastic coating and Teflon coating

Food processing

Keeping food substances from sticking to machines or trays is important – but food processing coatings must be food safe and approved for food contact applications.

Coatings to consider: Teflon (PTFE or PFA), Anodising and Hard Anodising



DECO Australia are skilled expert providers of a wide range of protective coatings, including anodising, hard anodising, powder coating, Teflon coating, thermoplastic coating, Cerakote, zinc coating and more. DECO can also create custom duplex coatings to suit unique or specialised project requirements. 

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