Teflon in Food Processing Applications

Teflon coating is more than just a non-stick coating for the bottom of fry pans. It is a versatile finish that offers a wealth of benefits. Because no substance will stick to it, including hot, cold, wet or dry substances or chemicals, it makes a highly effective surface coating to protect against buildups of food substances, crumbs, grease or oils. Smooth and lubricious, it is also an excellent coating for high-friction applications. This makes Teflon® ideal not just for coating cookware and baking trays, but for a wide range of food processing applications. 

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are often used in the production of flat breads, biscuits, processed meats and more. Often, crumbs or grease get left behind as the foodstuffs are transported across the factory – which can impact the conveyor belt’s effectiveness and affect future batches. Using a non-stick surface such as Teflon means items can slide smoothly off the belt at the end of the line, without leaving bits behind. 



Funnels are often used to decant liquids or other substances into jars, bottles or other containers to be sold in. Teflon makes an excellent non-stick coating for the inside of funnels, to prevent viscous substances such as jams, syrups or sauces from leaving sticky residue behind and clogging the funnel nozzle over time. 

Grills and hot plates

Teflon adds a non-stick layer to grills and hot plates in fast food outlets across the country, allowing burger patties and more to be cooked, flipped and removed from the grill without sticking to it. 


Confectionery Moulds

Anything made in a mould needs to be popped out smoothly without breaking. Confectionery and lollies are just one example of products that benefit from being manufactured in a Teflon-coated mould, that allows them to be removed seamlessly and intact from their moulds once set. 

Machine parts

You may be thinking about the food-contact parts of your processing plant, but some of your machines themselves can benefit from a coat of Teflon! Fast-moving machine parts benefit from the smooth coating to reduce friction and reduce damage and wear of the parts. 

DECO offers both PTFE and PFA Teflon coating services for a wide range of food processing applications. To find out more, discuss your project or get a quote, click here. 


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