Testing, Testing and more Testing. How Quality Surface Finishing is Achieved.

When it comes to surface finishing, durability and quality are paramount. Whether it's for architectural aluminium, industrial machinery, or consumer products, a high-quality finish not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures longevity and performance. Achieving this level of excellence requires adherence to stringent standards and meticulous attention to detail.

Quality assurance is the cornerstone of any successful surface finishing operation. With powder coated aluminium building products, durability and quality begin long before the first coat is applied. The Qualicoat Process Specification sets the gold standard across the global finishing industry, mandating rigorous testing and inspection at every stage of production. This includes stringent pre-treatment requirements as well as a comprehensive testing regime throughout the process (as opposed to simply testing the final product).

Developed by the world’s leading technical experts, the Qualicoat Specification Process is documented in a 92-page manual and outlines every aspect of the finishing process to uphold the highest standards of excellence.

Pre-treatment Requirements

One of the key factors in achieving durable powder coat finishes is correct pretreatment. Before the powder coating is applied, the aluminium substrate undergoes thorough cleaning and surface preparation. This step is crucial for removing contaminants, protecting against corrosion and creating a receptive surface for the coating to adhere to. Qualicoat processes stipulate precise pretreatment procedures, including acid or alkali etching, to ensure optimal adhesion and long-term durability. Additional pre-treatment requirements are need for Qualicoat Seaside applicators to ensure a marine-grade standard finish.

Process Control & Testing

There are eighteen tests that licensed Qualicoat applicators are required to perform as part of the process specification to ensure the correct processes have taken place. These tests cover things like corrosion resistance, powder adhesion and curing, UV resistance, salt spray endurance, and colour consistency – with many tests occurring twice a day and across individual orders. These tests serve as checkpoints throughout the production process, ensuring that the coating meets or exceeds the specified performance criteria.

Choosing a licenced Qualicoat Powder Coat Applicator

The pursuit of durable, quality finishing does not end with certification. Qualicoat processes emphasize continuous improvement, encouraging applicators to identify areas for enhancement and refinement. Through ongoing training, innovation, and collaboration, licenced Qualicoat and Qualicoat Seaside applicators strive to push the boundaries of excellence and deliver superior architectural finishes for their customers – every time.

DECO Australia is proud to be a licenced Qualicoat and Qualicoat Seaside applicator.

Find out more about Qualicoat here. 

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