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Recent disasters such as the Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires have made fire safe cladding a top concern for the Australian design and construction industry. Increased regulation and government audits have now been brought on Australia-wide, pushing greater awareness towards fire safety and the risks associated with non-compliant building materials.  Those using unsafe, non-compliant materials face retributory fines, if caught by regulators.

Against this backdrop, high-performing cladding solutions that are non-combustible and comply with the NCC and Australian Standards are in high demand by industry professionals.

While the Grenfell Tower and Lacrosse fires were associated with highly flammable aluminium composite (ACP) cladding, it is important for specifiers and designers to know the primary cause of the fire was the flammable polyethylene core found in cheaper composite panels.

Solid aluminium cladding is safe, non-combustible and a great cladding alternative that has good thermal conductivity and will not release smoke or spark when exposed to fire. 


DecoClad is a solid, powder coated aluminium exterior cladding solution. It is a versatile product that is non-combustible, high-performing and super durable. It contains no combustible materials or core and is a safe cladding option for buildings. Unlike a wet paint finish, which can be a fire hazard, powder coatings will only char, preventing the spread of fire.

DecoClad is an Australian product and is ideal for residential and commercial applications. The versatile cladding product can be installed horizontally or vertically as a contemporary architectural feature. Other applications include ceilings, porticos, soffits and wall linings. DecoClad has a marine grade finish and is suitable for beachfront applications. It is available in five unique designs, 30 timber-look finishes and a range of plain colours. Unlike other materials, DecoClad is low maintenance and requires no sanding, painting or staining. 

Specifiers and Designers can feel comfortable choosing DecoClad as it has been independently tested and certified as compliant with Volume 1, Clause C.1.12 9 of the NCC (regarding the combustibility of building materials) and the testing regime specified in Australian Standards, AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 and AS 1530.1-1994, which set out the methods for fire testing on building materials, components and structures. It also meets the requirements of AS/NZS 3837-1998, which covers the method of testing for heat and smoke release rates for building materials and products.

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