Thermoplastic Coating for Marine Environments

If you are seeking to protect your parts from the harshest marine elements – or even planning on submerging them in the depths of the sea – thermoplastic coating is the ideal finishing solution for you. 

DECO Australia is proud to offer Plascoat PPA 571 thermoplastic coating, a high-durability coating for metal parts. A globally-renowned protective coating for over 25 years, Plascoat can significantly increase the lifespan of above-ground parts. Plascoat is also ideal for protecting a variety of underwater parts from degradation or damage, including:

  • •Parts for water monitors such as sinkers
  • •Water filters
  • •Parts for submarines or submerged autonomous vehicles for defence 
  • •Parts for underwater tracking devices and navigation systems
  • •Submerged fishing and marine research equipment 
  • •Naval equipment used on ships or on the coast
  • •Water pipes

Here are just a few reasons Plascoat PPA 571 is an excellent coating for your marine components:

Extreme Corrosion Resistance

With superior long-term corrosion protection and extremely high salt resistance, Plascoat is designed to keep your parts like-new in environments with high levels of acidic salt spray or with constant exposure to salt water.  Because it is a soft coating that will dent rather than chip, it will keep the parts beneath safe from contaminants even if exposed to regular impact, such as bumping against rocks or underwater warfare. 

Low Water Absorption

Plascoat is a dense coating, which means it is highly resistant to water and to absorbing moisture – even when immersed in water for long periods of time. This means your submerged parts are protected from damage or degradation from the water around them and your devices or machines can function as intended for long periods of time. 

Resistant to Marine Growths

Thermoplastic coatings such as Plascoat are resistant to deterioration from fungi, mould, lichen and algae. The smooth properties and thick molecules of thermoplastic coatings also make them resistant to seaweed and barnacles growing on the surface, reducing the risk of wear and protecting the parts beneath from damage by roots or sea creatures. This smooth surface also means sea creatures find it hard to get a footing on your components, making them less likely to walk over them or lay eggs on them.

Environmentally Friendly

Plascoat is made from non-toxic materials, meaning it will not harm marine life. Even if your thermoplastic-coated components or devices are left under the water for a long time, the coating will remain intact and degrades significantly slower than other coatings, also preventing sea creatures from consuming flakes of the coating. 

Interested in having your parts thermoplastic coated? Fill out our enquiry form to find out more or to contact us for a quote. 

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