Timber Battens Vs Aluminium Battens

Boasting natural beauty and architectural style, it is easy to see why battens are all the rage in the building and design industry. Timber battens are used for everything: from adding texture and depth to a façade to creating privacy and shelter for a home.

When it comes to battens, there are many options available in the Australian building market. Whether you are using them for a home project or a commercial construction, it is important that you explore the different options available and decide on the ideal solution for your project. Timber alternatives such as timber-look aluminium battens may be suitable for you if you are looking for a low-maintenance, hardwearing product that can withstand a variety of Australian conditions.

To help you find the right batten for your project, we have identified the key differences between real timber battens and a timber-look, powder-coated aluminium product such as DecoBatten™.


With real timber battens, you are faced with the obvious issue of warping, cracking and splitting over time. With an aluminium batten these issues simply don’t occur! Powder coated aluminium battens come in perfectly straight, long lengths with a flawless finish that will last for years to come.



Natural timber can be affected by a range of environmental factors. If your timber battens are in a wet environment, they are susceptible to wood rot; if you live along the coast, they will weather quickly. In addition to this, most timber is also prone to termite attack unless it is made from termite-resistant timber or chemically treated.

With an alternative product such as DecoBatten™, you can rest assured knowing your battens will withstand harsh environments and stand the test of time. Powder coated, solid aluminium DecoBattens are suitable for coastal environments and come with a marine grade and UV stable finish. Unlike timber, aluminium battens are resistant to termite attack, and will never rot.

Seamless Applications

Depending on the look you are going for, using timber battens may spoil the aesthetics of your project or home. Attaching timber battens to your façade often leaves screws and fixings visible, interrupting the seamless design.

The QuickClick™ two-piece system by DecoBatten™ has been expertly designed to allow for the concealed batten base to be fixed directly to any solid surface, wall or ceiling, removing the need for unsightly supporting frames or mounts and saving time and money during installation. The batten cover is simply and easily clicked into place over the batten base once it has been secured. Say goodbye to unsightly nails and screws forever! 


One of the biggest benefits of using powder-coated aluminium is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike real timber, DecoBatten™ will never need staining or painting and requires very minimal cleaning. The use of timber battens will involve regular ongoing maintenance, and they need to be painted or oiled every 6 months to retain their appearance.

With a product like DecoBatten™, you know that the journey ahead is going to be an easy one. Its Super Durable™ DecoWood® finish will save you time and energy for the better things in life.



There is no comparison when it comes to fire safety – non-combustibility must always come first. If you live in a bushfire prone area, or your project requires the use of non-combustible products, a powder coated, solid aluminium batten is the way to go. DecoBatten™ is certified non-combustible by the CSIRO and is the ideal solution for your internal and external cladding, façades, feature walls or screens. DecoBatten™ is certified compliant with Australian Standards AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, meaning it will not ignite or spread flame.

Choosing timber-look aluminium battens does not mean you will be compromising on appearance. Products such as DecoBatten™ offer a range of natural and durable woodgrain DecoWood® finishes that will add an authentic timber appearance to any project and look great for many years to come! 


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