Timber Battens with the Strength of Aluminium

With endless applications and a wide range of shapes and sizes, it is no wonder timber battens are one of 2018’s hottest trends. Architects and builders alike are using the long timber lines to create contemporary designs, turning the meaning of a timber feature on its head.

When it comes to selecting timber battens, there are many options available. Most people choose battens made from traditional soft or hard woods not realising there are more durable, timber-alternative battens available. 

DecoBatten is a timber-look aluminium batten that maintains the beauty of natural looking wood, while also providing the durability and longevity that real timbers simply cannot offer.

Here our 5 top reasons to use DecoBatten for your next project.

1. Hundreds of Batten Sizes & Shapes

With hundreds of different profiles available, DecoBatten is available in pretty much any size to suit your project. Opt for traditional square for fence or gate, or larger profiles for unforgettable statement features. 



2. Straight, Perfect Lengths

Never worry about a warped piece of timber again! Being aluminium, DecoBatten comes in perfectly straight, 6.5 metre lengths with a perfect timber-look finish, meaning the entire length of each piece will be totally usable – which also means less wastage! 

3. Light Weight Battens

DecoBatten’s hollow aluminium profiles offers a lightweight alternative to many hard woods, meaning they are easy to handle, can be cut on site and are a breeze to install. It also makes grouping multiple battens for panels and pre-made sections easier to manage, especially when lifting battens into place for high applications.


4. Concealed Fixings

Unsightly screws and fixings can really spoil the aesthetics of the feature you are trying to create. DecoBatten’s two-piece system offers a quick click system, perfect for walls and ceilings. Simply secure your back edge and click your perfectly finished timber-look cover for instant concealed fixing.

5. Low Maintenance Timber-look Batten 

This is probably one of the most talked about benefits of DecoBatten. Unlike real timber, DecoBatten NEVER needs staining or painting. The Super Durable powder coating of DecoWood offers a long-lasting finish that is classified marine grade and UV resistant, so your battens will be looking great with barely any maintenance for years to come.

Read more about DecoBatten here or call our friendly DECO team on 02 9603 1888 6 to discuss using DecoBatten for your project.

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