Top 5 Coatings for Defence Applications


The Australian government is investing over $200 billion into the defence market over the next decade, and significant defence projects are taking place in the Northern Territory, Hunter Region, South Australia and across the nation. Whether you are manufacturing, building infrastructure or subcontracting for defence, it is essential to use protective coatings and surface finishes that will enhance, protect and add longevity to the components you are working with. See DECO’s top recommendations for effective defence coatings below.


Hard Anodising

A tough, organic coating created by ‘growing’ a hard layer of aluminium oxide on the surface of the components for corrosion, wear and scratch resistance.

Benefits: One of the most hardwearing coatings in existence, hard anodising has exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and can therefore be used in extreme conditions, ensuring reliability in military and aerospace environments.

Works well for: Weapon parts, macchine components, aerospace applications including aircraft and engine parts



 Ceramic Coating

Tough and versatile, ceramic coatings such as Cerakote are wet-sprayed onto products and dry hard.

Benefits: Cerakote is highly impact resistant, will not scratch or dent easily even if hit with direct force, and can bond with almost any material. As a thin-film coating, it offers protection without expanding the size of the product or affecting its functioning, and therefore is useful for moving parts. It is also available in MIL SPEC colours for military applications.

Works well for: Firearm and gun parts, machine bodies, helmets

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Teflon Coating

Not only for pans, this non-stick coating can be applied as a wet spray or powder to give components non-stick properties.

Benefits: Teflon prevents hot, cold, wet and dry materials adhering to a component, reducing friction and buildups of residue. It has high resistance to oil and water, protecting the part beneath from corrosion, and retains its properties at high temperatures.

Works well for: Valve components, engine parts, production line processes, machinery with moving parts or high levels of friction

Sublimated Powder Coating

Powder coating is a durable coating on its own, but combining it with sublimation technology produces an excellent wear, UV and salt spray resistant ideal for infrastructure and signage applications.

Benefits: Sublimation involves baking images through the entire depth of the powder coating, preventing them from wearing or peeling off. The combination of this technology and a durable powder coating (such as a Qualicoat Class 2 powder) ensures retention of colour and image even in extreme conditions such as high levels of UV or salt spray.

Works well for: Wayfinding signs, emergency and warning signs, placards, finishing for cladding, external flooring systems and other infrastructure materials


Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting involves propelling an abrasive against the surface of a component to remove impurities. It is typically used as a pretreatment prior to adding another coating but can also be used as a finish on its own.

Benefits: Abrasive blasting removes impurities which may damage components, such as rust, contamination or particles causing stress to metal parts. It also deburs and removes sharp edges. As a finish, blasting can be done using a variety of different abrasives, and wet or dry particles, to create rough or smooth textured finishes.

Works well for: Removing coatings on components prior to crack testing, removing old coatings on components prior to recoating, hygienic or food contact applications such as food trays or medical components

DECO provides a wide range of protective coatings and surface finishes which are  highly suitable for defence and other hardwearing applications. To find out more, or to receive a copy of our Quad Chart, email us at


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