Top 5 DecoWood® colours for Summer

Timber tones have become a stand-out design feature in many projects, both outdoors and indoors. But with the choice of so many timber-look colours, which one is right for you? We reveal the top five DecoWood® colours for summer.

1. Light & Airy ‘Curly Birch’

Curly Birch is consistently one of our most popular wood-grain choices for all projects. It is an oaky, light colour that pairs well with a whole range of homes, adding a coastal vibe.


2. Warm & Natural ‘Coastal Spotted Gum’

Pairing well with stone and concrete, ‘Coastal Spotted Gum’ is a timeless colour with a contemporary edge. Achieve the ideal resort-style design with DECO’s range of products finished in Coastal Spotted Gum for minimal maintenance and maximum impact.


Pictured: 'The Block' former winner Shannon Vos beside a feature fence in Coastal Spotted Gum. 

3. Casual Luxe ‘Dark Mocha’ 

The rich, chocolate tones found in our Dark Mocha colour make it a standout choice this summer. Pairs nicely with a Hamptons themed project and minimalist colours. Bring warmth and relaxation into your home by incorporating Dark Mocha as the dominant feature amongst a natural palette. 


4. Rustic Charm ‘Weathered Timber’

The weathered timber aesthetic is growing in popularity among home design projects. DecoWood’s® Natural Weathered Timber colour is a great choice for projects in rural or bushy locations. Its unique colour tones compliment the natural surroundings and landscapes of the Australian environment. 


Pictured: Cladded BBQ area in Weathered Timber.

5. Coastal Chic ‘Antique White’

DecoWood® Antique White is a simplistic and elegant colour that works well with modern, coastal design styles. This finish features an off-white base colour with fine caramel grains running through it. Create a place of tranquillity by pairing Antique White with soft tones and luminous finishes.


Pictured: Cladded soffit in Antique White.

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