Top 5 Finishes for the Automotive Industry

Australia may have moved away from manufacturing cars, but the automotive industry is still booming, with car parts, modifications, enhancements and repairs all making up a large part of its business. Engineers, manufacturers and car owners alike can turn to a protective coatings provider to add durability, protection and decoration to car components, ensuring their beloved vehicles can last a long time. Here are just a few protective coatings ideal for use on automotive parts.


Anodising/Hard Anodising

Anodising, which involves growing a tough aluminium oxide coating on aluminium parts, provides a hardwearing coating for components undergoing wear and tear. Choosing hard anodising, which involves using zero degree technology to create an even denser, tougher finish, is ideal for vehicle parts with exposure to the elements or to high levels of abrasion throughout their lifespan. 

DECO’s unique DecoUltra AD and ZD anodising series provide the ideal protection and performance for a range of automotive parts. Components such as wheel rims for sports cars – which are not only exposed to the weather but to stones on the road and general wear from turning wheels – can benefit enormously from a hard anodised finish. 

Find out more about DECO’s hard anodising for luxury car wheel hubs here. 

Valves and other components being exposed to chemicals can also benefit from anodising. DECO’s anodising services have provided protection and durability to turbocharged engine valves for Turbosmart, Accurate Repetition Engineering and other automotive engineers.  

Because of its corrosion and abrasion protection, anodising also offers suitable protection for vehicle underbodies, allowing vehicles to navigate harsh terrain with reduced wear. 



An extremely hard, thin-film finish, ceramic coating provides optimal protection for hardwearing car parts such as hubcaps. Because Cerakote is available in a wide range of colours, including burnt bronzes, bright oranges, military colours and everything in between, it is also a great option for customising vehicles and adding a personal touch. 

Some types of Cerakote are also resistant to temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for engine parts which are regularly exposed to extreme heat. 


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a staple finish for many industries, and automotive is no exception. With an extensive range of colours and textures available, powder coating can be used to finish, recoat or customise vehicle bodies, underbodies, bumpers, chassis,frames and more. Both steel and aluminium parts can be powder coated for maximum protection. Using a Dulux or Interpon accredited applicator will ensure your powder coating is applied with care and of the highest quality.

Find out more about DECO’s Dulux and Interpon accredited powder coating services here.


For the ultimate in customisation, sublimated powder coating allows you to embed images or patterns into a powder coat finish for a durable, attractive finish. Woodgrain powder coat finishes can create a luxury appearance for car interiors, including for aluminium gear levers, while sublimated powder coated wheels can also add a stylish edge to your vehicle. 

To find out more on how DECO’s finishing services can benefit your vehicle or mass produced vehicle parts, contact us. 

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