Top tips to remember before you renovate your kitchen

A kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms to renovate because it is the heart of the home. However, a well thought out kitchen incorporating both style and function will add serious value to your home. Here are DECO’s top tips for planning a kitchen renovation. 

Identify your kitchen style

First things first, decide what style kitchen you want. Are you going for a country-style kitchen or perhaps a contemporary streamlined look is more your style? Keep in mind what will work with the original foundations of the home. Remodeling a ‘70s kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece may not turn out how you expected it to. Work with what you have and bring it back to life.

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Put the flooring down before you install your dishwasher

Many people install their new dishwasher before putting their new flooring down first. This leaves you with two problems. First, you cannot install the flooring under the dishwasher, and second, installing the floor in front of the dishwasher means you cannot get it out for repair without damaging the floor or moving cabinetry and counters. Keep this in mind before you install any new floor-based appliances. 

Choose the right splashback

If you have opted for a neutral tone for your cabinetry then why not have a bit of fun with your splashback design! The splashback is one of the main focal points in a kitchen and can be used to create a feature statement. 

There are many splashback options on the market to select from, however, only one that can give you almost any look you are after. DecoSplash can replicate tiles without the annoying grout lines, recreate the natural look of marble without the price tag, and can even create a custom splashback featuring your very photography. The sky is the limit with DecoSplash! 

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TOP TIP from Lincoln Sentry: Ensure your kitchen is functional for your day-to-day use and make sure you have the right hardware (taps, sinks, handles) for your space. We suggest test-driving some options first and plan out what is most important to you. A kitchens hardware can make or break your space and is often forgotten about when doing a kitchen renovation.

Plan out where your appliances will live 

Big-ticket items like appliances should be selected early in the renovation stages because they impact your entire kitchen design. Depending on your needs, your kitchen may be designed around the placement of your appliances.

Maximise your counter space

Your counter space should be one of the most important considerations of your kitchen renovation. You need to design for everyday life, and you will be grateful for having the extra counter space when you need to cook for the family or entertain friends. The more counter space the better! For islands, your bench should be between 800 and 1200mm wide and as long as it can be.  

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Look for DIY, easy to install products

Before you begin your home renovation and start planning the changes you are going to make, take a thorough look at everything, taking into account costs and timeframes. To save time and money on your renovation, opt for DIY decorative upgrades such as painting or installing a new splashback. With DecoSplash, aluminium splashbacks, Installation is quick and easy, making DecoSplash a great DIY product. You can use double-sided tape and silicon to glue the splashback directly to the wall or surface. Get the professionals involved in all electrical, plumbing and structural work unless you're a qualified tradesperson. 

Take advantage of free advice

Check out home improvement blogs, project profiles or ask the professionals! The team at DECO is on hand to help you decide on the perfect splashback design for your kitchen or approach a Lincoln Sentry centre for assistance in choosing the right hardware for your kitchen reno.

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