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In the world of design, innovation and creativity have always been driving forces behind groundbreaking trends. As designs and trends evolve, so does the mix of building materials. The use of mixed materials offers a range of both design and structural opportunities and allows architects, builders, and homeowners alike to push the bounds of creativity. Here we look at the current trending mixed materials and how they can be used to create exquisite designs. 

Four Ways Using Mixed Materials can Improve your Design:

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Incorporating various materials throughout a house or building or building facade adds contrast and depth to a design, whilst also creating design complexity and visual interest. The Palms project on the Gold Coast, utilised a mix of natural stone and timber-look aluminium battens across the facade to infuse a warmth into luxury coastal style of the home to create a stand-out design. 


Functional and Practical

Besides the aesthetic advantages, mixed materials can also offer functional and practical benefits. Designers may opt for different materials due to the durability and maintenance levels - using more durable and low-maintenance products across multi-storey projects offers a very practical solution that can impact the ongoing upkeep and lifespan of the building. Some materials offer benefits like fire-ratings or wind loads, and other materials, like aluminium, offer a lightweight alternative when compared to solid timber and can be easier and quicker to handle and install. 


Defining Spaces

Defining spaces visually is simply clever design. Mixing materials is a common and relatively easy way to help define different spaces, for example, combining different elements across a ceiling will visually help separate an area. The waiting room in Concord Hospital includes hanging battens for just this purpose, and combined with a mix of lighting it creates a boundless space simply by mixing materials. 


Encourages Creativity

Incorporating mixed materials across a house is a design approach that encourages creativity and individuality. This design by J&B Projects has harnessed the rawness of concrete and combined the warmth and beauty of timber, by incorporating a DecoBatten screening finished in a DecoWood Ironbark finish. This project perfectly demonstrates the possibilities of contrasting material through a captivating connection between the industrial and contemporary design movement. 


If you are considering redesigning your home or embarking on a new project, don't shy away from exploring the world of mixed materials. With the right combination of elements, you can transform your building into a functional work of art. 

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