Which Anodised Finish is Right for Your Project?

It’s no wonder anodising is a popular architectural finish – it is attractive, highly durable and gives projects that contemporary urban edge. And with a range of colours, textures and levels of protection available, it can be tailored to suit a whole host of different project requirements. 

DecoUltra™, the all-new series of anodised finishes by DECO, offers an impressive range of anodised finishes, to help you create the perfect aesthetic that screams your brand or emphasises your creative vision. Different levels of protection are also available, to keep your design looking fresh and vibrant, whatever the weather or setting. 

Read on to find out our top finish recommendations for different projects. 

Window and Door Frames

Anodised window and door frames are a staple in many building designs. This sleek look offers clean lines and a smart contrast to brick or timber facades. Clear anodising, which creates a pale silver colour, is a popular choice for windows and doors – or you could change it up with black anodising to create a striking contrast against red brick or light coloured timber.  Add a touch of class to an office building, shop fit out or even to a simple residential design. 


Show-Stopping Facades

The design of your building says a lot about its character – whether that be a major store for a big brand, a home or the headquarters of a company.  A bronze finish on a batten façade or flat panels can add a touch of elegance or opulence to your design, ideal for adding an extra degree of style to a high-end business or luxury home. Choose a lighter bronze for a stylish, timeless appearance, or go bold with a dark bronze.  Click here to explore DECO’s range of bronze anodised and hard anodised architectural finishes. 

Architectural masterpieces

Every architect or building designer wants to make their mark – and every design should reflect an architect’s vision, flair or trademark style. What better way to showcase that creativity than with a customised anodised finish? Let your imagination run wild with unusual laser cut shapes and styles. With a host of textures available, from different brushed effects to etching and perforation, you can create a unique anodised façade to showcase a brand, let your creative vision flourish and provide contemporary creativity for your project. 


Extreme Applications

A good building façade needs to last, whatever the weather. If you are building in coastal areas, areas with extreme weather or sunlight or areas with high levels of pollution, keeping your façade protected from degradation is a must. Deterioration will age your design and destroy its lustre – something you don’t want to happen. A tough, hardwearing finish, hard anodising will keep your materials protected against harsh conditions. This extra dense, extra thick anodised coating offers maximum corrosion resistance and maximum protection against abrasion and impact. 


Let your imagination run wild with DECO Australia’s new range of anodised finishes. Featuring a range of beautiful bronzes as well as clear and black colours, DecoUltra™ has something for every design. Customise your project with a wide variety of texture options, or choose our unique DecoUltra™ ZD series, the first series of hard anodised architectural finishes worldwide, to add the ultimate protection to your façade materials while still recreating your desired aesthetic. 

To find out more about DecoUltra™, click here or contact us to discuss your project specifications. 


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