Which Coatings Are Suitable for Defence Land Vehicles?

Defence land vehicles, whether they are tanks, trucks or small unmanned vehicles, need to withstand everything that can be thrown at them. From abrasion from rough terrain to extreme heat, sunlight and rain, defence vehicles are subjected to a variety of harsh conditions. It is vital that every part and component in or on a vehicle is properly protected using the right finish, to ensure it runs smoothly, effectively and can last a long time even in hardwearing settings. 

Exterior and bodywork

Protecting the exterior and body of a vehicle can increase its lifespan. Powder coating is an excellent coating for protecting large metal body parts. With suitable pre-treatment, powder coating can provide extreme corrosion resistance, particularly if Class 2 powders are used. A variety of colours can be achieved, including MIL SPEC colours. Underbodies can also be anodised for additional protection. 



Wheels and hubcaps need to be protected against corrosion as well as abrasion. As these are often made from aluminium, hard anodising can provide a tough, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant protective layer that will enable them to function effectively, without being worn down or degraded by moisture or friction. Find out more about DecoUltra ZD hard anodising here. 

Engine parts

Protecting engine parts and components is critical to keeping vehicles running efficiently.  Engine components must be able to withstand high temperatures and degradation, and in some cases may need to be electrically insulated. High-temperature ceramic coatings allow metal components to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Hard anodising is also an effective coating for thermal and electrical insulation, as well as protection against corrosion and degradation over time.  


Dashboards and control panels

As well as keeping dashboards and control panels free from corrosion, it is essential that markings, writing and symbols are clear, legible and will not fade or peel away over time. Rather than using laminated or vinyl dashboard printing, sublimated, powder coated aluminium is a superior option which offers maximum image retention. Because the image has been transferred directly into the entire depth of the powder coating, it will not wear or peel off, meaning that all instructions and markings remain visible, easy to read and therefore will improve efficiency of using defence vehicles.


For more information or to discuss how DECO’s durable finishes can be used on your next land vehicle project, contact us. 


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