Why Anodised Cookware is All the Rage

While Teflon is a popular non-stick coating for commercial cookware and bakeware, anodised and hard anodised aluminium are rapidly gaining ground in the market. Anodising involves submerging aluminium components in acid and subjecting them to an electric charge, causing an aluminium oxide coating to grow into, and out of, the surface of the part, creating a tough and attractive surface coating.

Anodising, and its thicker cousin, hard anodising, are becoming a popular trend in both domestic and commercial cookware, for many reasons:


The anodised surface of aluminium cookware is non-stick, avoiding an accumulation of foodstuffs on the bottom of the pan or tray.


Anodising is a durable surface coating (and hard anodising is even stronger – it is twice the hardness of stainless steel). This means your cookware is resistant to scratches and dents. As anodising is a coating grown into and out of the aluminium itself, it will not chip or peel off.

Good heat conduction

Aluminium cookware is excellent for cooking food evenly all the way through. As the aluminium core of anodised cookware conducts heat well across its surface, it prevents 'hot spots' concentrating in any one area of the pan, instead spreading the heat all the way through your baked or cooked products. It also conducts heat quickly, reducing the need for preheating time. 


Although raw aluminium can react with food, leaching into it when it is heated. This is especially prevalent if acidic foods such as tomatoes or lemon juice are being cooked. Anodising, however, creates a protective aluminium oxide layer over the top of the aluminium cookware. This surface is non-toxic and non-reactive, and will not cause a chemical reaction with any food, therefore making anodised aluminium a safe cookware option. 

If you are a manufacturer of cookware or bakeware, a professional baking organisation or caterer, and are interested in our anodising or hard anodising services, click here to contact us. 

Find out more about our other non-stick cookware coating, Teflon coating, here. 

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