Why Choose DecoBatten® for your garage door?

As façade design moves into the 2020s and a new era, every aspect of your home can help create a seamless, flowing design. While garage doors have always been a functional element, today’s garage door trends have seen them become incorporated into the design style and aesthetics. Batten garage doors are sweeping the nation as the must-have for any home design, transforming your garage door from a simple hatch into a statement feature that adds value to your home. 

As the timber batten look continues to swell in popularity, DecoBatten® makes it easier than ever to achieve this on-trend look with an easy-install, durable timber-look aluminium batten system.  Read on to find out why DecoBatten® is the perfect option for enhancing your garage door. 


Seamless timber aesthetic 

While batten feature walls are wildly popular, by adding battens to your garage door, you can extend your battens across your whole façade, creating a seamlessly elegant front. Extending battens across your garage door has the added bonus of disguising your garage door as well, for an uninterrupted flow of battens across your home. 

Made with a Super Durable™ finish that replicates the feel and appearance of natural timber, DecoBatten® also allows you to recreate a classic timber look. With a range of DecoWood® finishes available, choose from classic Australian species, exotic timbers and contemporary coastal woodgrains to match your home’s desired aesthetic. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, including angled and round battens to further customise your garage door’s look. 

Simple Installation 

Timber battens often require a backing plate to fix them to your home or garage door, which can add extra weight as well as time and installation costs. DecoBatten® QuickClick™ battens take the hassle out of installation, with an easy snap-together two-piece system that allows battens to be mounted flush to a substrate or garage door without a backing plate. A convenient SpaceBase® backing piece is also available to help space battens evenly across your garage door and can be colour-matched for a more seamless timber appearance. 

Easy to cut 

With long, 6.5m lengths that can be cut to size, DecoBatten® is designed to suit any size garage door. The aluminium battens are quickly and easily cut with a drop saw and aluminium blade, saving time and hassle. Size your battens to fit against different size door panels and achieve the aesthetic you desire effortlessly. 


Made from lightweight aluminium, DecoBatten® is not just easy to install, but makes batten garage doors easy to live with. Depending on the species, timber battens can be heavy, especially with the addition of a backing plate, which can make it difficult to lift your garage door to open it, particularly if you have a panel or tilt door. Lightweight, practical DecoBatten® removes this problem, providing the timber aesthetic without the unnecessary heft. 


Scratch and wear resistant 

Garage doors need to be opened and closed frequently, so they require a product that can stand up to constant use. Made with a Super Durable™ powder coat finish, DecoBatten® is resistant to scratches, scuffs and scrapes that may result from frequent use, keeping your garage door beautiful as well as functional. 

Dimensionally Stable 

While timber battens can crack, twist, rot and warp over time, and may contain knots or other imperfections that impact the appearance of your garage door, DecoBatten® is a consistent, solid and dimensionally stable batten that will retain its shape. Create even, smooth and seamless garage door designs without fear of the timber distorting over time.  


Ongoing Colour Retention 

With a durable powder coat finish that never requires oiling, painting or staining, and which has been tested in extreme weather conditions, DecoBatten® ensures your garage door remains an eye-catching feature for years to come. 

Read more about DecoBatten® garage doors and where to get them here. 


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