You're never lost with DecoSign sublimated wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signs are an important aspect of any large building, public space or even the interior of a ship or defence base. Making sure they are clear, well-placed, visible and do not fade is of paramount importance to ensure all occupants of a building or area know the safest way to the exits and can navigate their way around the space without getting lost. 

Super Durable Signage

DecoSign is the perfect option for hardwearing, easily-visible wayfinding signage. Strong and lightweight, DecoSign can be installed anywhere with ease. Its Super Durable Class 2 powder coating finish is weatherproof, can withstand rain, humidity, acidic salt spray and UV rays, and the special polyurethane powders used are also graffiti-resistant, with any offending marks or scrawls easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

DecoSign wayfinding signsDECO's sublimation process allows almost any image, including detailed artwork such as maps and letters, to be transferred clearly and accurately onto the durable powder coat finish, resulting in an image that will not rub or peel off, and will clearly display place names, symbols and other details for years to come. DECO offers satin and gloss powder coat finishes, allowing the surface to be smooth and reflective or textured as desired. 

This sublimation process can also be applied to an anodised or hard anodised surface for a more metallic appearance, ideal for contemporary signage designs. 

Map signageDECO has supplied attractive, durable wayfinding signs to a number of companies, including Transport signage in NSW, with DecoSign proudly displayed at train stations up and down the state.

For more information on DecoSign's sublimated wayfinding signs and how they can benefit you, contact us.

DecoSign and Sydney Trains
Helen's Hill Estate Signage

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