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Here at DECO, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality aluminium products and metal finishing services possible. We strive to consistently uphold best practice, safety and product durability in every job we undertake, proving that DECO is a business all our customers can rely on time and time again.

All DECO products are actively certified to relevant Australian Standards and the National Construction Code, making them an obvious and popular choice for Australian specifiers and builders. These certifications recognise our dedication to upholding Australian legislations and putting customer safety and satisfaction at the forefront of what we do. In addition to our certified accreditations, DECO products and procedures test to and comply with a host of other accreditation standards, and are in the process of applying for accreditation across several areas, ensuring we provide the utmost in quality and service across all areas.

DECO also complies with many relevant Australian Standards which ensure safety and quality.

DECO Key Accreditations

AS ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 requires that an organisation consistently provides products and services that meet applicable statutory requirements, and that it aims to provide the utmost customer satisfaction by effectively implementing its processes, continually approves based on changing standards and assures its compliance with government regulations.

NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory

DECO's in-house testing facility and new testing arm of the business, DECO Testing, is accredited to ISO 17025 by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). This means our testing has been assessed against international standards and our testing results are recognised globally. DECO Testing is NATA accredited to five material corrosion and performance tests: cross hatch adhesion, machu, wet adhesion, neutral salt spray and acetic salt spray testing.

Cerakote Accredited Applicator

As Cerakote is a specialised ceramic coating, Cerakote applicators must be factory trained, attending a 2-day interactive course to complete the accreditation. Accredited Cerakote applicators are certified professionals in correctly preparing, degreasing, racking, coating, and curing to create the perfect tough, attractive Cerakote coating expected of a Cerakote professional.

Dulux Accredited Powder Coater

Dulux is Australia's most trusted brand for paint and powders. Being a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater means powder coaters meet stringent quality conditions and international standards in the application of powder coatings, and run their businesses with a high level of professionalism, customer service and reliability. DECO are proud to be Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters.

Interpon Approved Applicator

Interpon Approved Applicators are assessed against Interpon's comprehensive quality criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure their pre-treatment and application procedures meet Interpon's high standards. DECO are proud to be Interpon Approved Applicators.



DECO is the only powder in Australia currently to hold a QUALICOAT licence.

The QUALICOAT Quality Label for Liquid and Powder Organic Coatings on Aluminium for Architectural Applications, and QUALIDECO label for sublimated aluminium finishes, assure product quality when it comes to powder coated finishes. Powder coating organisations must use licenced coaters, approved pre-treatment systems and approved coating materials in accordance with QUALICOAT and QUALIDECO specifications. To gain a Qualicoat accreditation, businesses must be inspected by Inspections inspectors and their products lab tested and accredited to ISO 17025. The appearance, gloss levels, durability and resistance to the elements that a product has affect its ability to pass QUALICOAT testing.

What We Are Working Towards

DECO tests to, and complies with, the following, and is working towards certification in:


The QUALIDECO label for sublimated aluminium finishes, assures product quality when it comes to sublimated powder coatings. Powder coating organisations must use licenced coaters, approved pre-treatment systems and approved coating materials in accordance with QUALIDECO specifications. To gain a QUALIDECO accreditation, businesses must be inspected by Inspections inspectors and their products lab tested and accredited to ISO 17025. We are currently seeking a QUALIDECO licence and are estimated to achieve this in early 2023.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 ensures organisations and their processes minimise their negative impact on the environment, properly dispose of chemical or industrial waste and fully comply with Australian environmental laws and regulations. DECO is working on attaining accreditation for this standard.


MIL SPEC is a military standard developed in the US to ensure products designed for military use and defence-related objectives meet relevant requirements. MIL SPEC has been adopted by defence organisations and non-defence organisations all around the world. DECO's processes and standard operating procedures are MIL SPEC compliant and we test to MIL SPEC requirements.

Australian Standards

DECO complies with the following Australian Standards:

AS 1530.1: evaluates the fire safety of building materials by determining their combustibility. All DecoWood and DecoSplash products and all products in DECO's other decorative finish ranges are certified compliant with AS 1530.1 by CSIRO, and are deemed non-combustible materials.

AS 1530.3: tests the flame retardant qualities of building products, including ignitability, flame propagation, heat and smoke release. All DECO architectural products are certified compliant with AS 1530.3 by CSIRO.

AS 2047: AS2047 refers to the ways in which window and door products withstand harsh elements. Our Super Durable™ DecoWood sublimated powder coating and other DECO powder coating finishes meet the requirements of AS 2047 when applied correctly to window and door products.

AS3715: DECO powder coated aluminium is tested to, and meets the requirements of, AS 3715, which specifies performance requirements for thermoset powder coated aluminium and aluminium alloys intended for exterior architectural applications. It ensures powder coated aluminium products are effectively pre-treated, the powder coating is of adequate thickness (minimum 60 microns) and gloss level and will not peel as evidenced in cross-hatch testing.

AS 3837: determines the ignitability, heat release rates, mass loss rates, effective heat of combustion and smoke release of building products and materials by testing their response to controlled levels of radiant heating. Our DECO sublimation range architectural finishes and architectural powder coated range are certified compliant to this standard by CSIRO.

AS 3959: this standard limits the application of building products depending on the location of the building in question (divided into 5 Bushfire Attack Level/BAL zones based on proximity to potential fires) and the products' ability to withstand heat and embers from bushfires. DECO architectural products are compliant with AS3959 up to BAL40 if applied following our recommended installation and application guidelines. DecoDeck and DecoClad can be compliant up to BALFZ if installed in the correct manner.

AS 4506: DECO Industrial powder coating for steel is tested to, and meets the requirements of, AS 4506, which specifies performance requirements for thermoset powder coated steel for industrial applications, and which includes testing to extreme Australian conditions including salt spray and a minimum thickness of 60 microns.

AS 4586: This standard provides slip resistance ratings for pedestrian floor surface materials. Floor surfaces are measured with a pendulum friction tester to determine their slip resistance rating. DecoDeck achieves a P4 rating with a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) of 48.

AS 5601: This standard sets out requirements for consumer appliance installations associated with the intended use of fuel gases. Included in this standard is the regulation of splashbacks for gas cooktops, including material composition and distance these products can be placed from gas flames. DecoSplash kitchen splashbacks comply with AS5601 and can be placed close to gas cooktop flames without combusting.

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