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DecoArt presents an endless array of possibilities for commercial and residential applications.

This versatile finish can be used in a range of applications including kitchen splashbacks, commercial signage, wet area linings and perforated screens. The two leading DecoArt products are DecoSplash and DecoSign.


Forget tiles and glass, now you can create fun and life in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry with DecoSplash splashbacks!

DecoSplash aluminium splashbacks are a long awaited alternative to these traditional kitchen splashback options. Effortless to maintain and long-lasting, DecoSplash allows you find the perfect splashback for your kitchen with a range of 100+ designs to choose from.

Learn more about DecoSplash aluminium splashbacks or browse the DecoSplash photo gallery.


DecoSign is the preferred choice for public signage applications for a number of reasons:

High resolution photographic precision honours your valuable branding
Graffiti-resistant: simply wipe away spray paint and marker ink using regular household chemicals
• Powder coated finish has excellent resistance to corrosive elements such as UV exposure and salt spray.
• Finishing options include textured, non-reflective, anti-bacterial and matt finish.
Any size and shape up to 3.6 x 1.5 metres
• Lightweight aluminium is quick and easy to install

DECO works closely with clients to understand their needs and find the best customised solution. The product is incredibly versatile, so talk to us about your project by calling our friendly and professional staff on 02 9603 1888.

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