Project Profile: Bona Vista Renovation


Mackay, QLD

Product: DecoClad® 180mm V-Groove Board
Builder: Matthew Brady Projects
Finish: DecoWood® Smoked Ash
Photographer: Skye Bettridge
Designer: Tempus Design Studio

In the picturesque town of Mackay, Queensland, the Bona Vista Renovation stands as a testament to the power of innovative design and high-quality building materials. Lead by Matthew Brady Projects and designed by Tempus Design Studio, this project has not only caught the eyes of passersby but has also garnered praise from both the homeowners and the builder himself. At the heart of this transformation lies the use of DecoClad, truly elevating the aesthetic and durability of the Bona Vista home.

A Builder's Perspective

Matthew Brady, the owner and builder of Matthew Brady Projects, expressed his excitement about the Bona Vista renovation, highlighting the bold and unique building products chosen for the project. Among these, DecoClad® stood out as a key element that added a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The Bona Vista renovation was truly a transformation like no other and, as a builder, Matthew was excited to see that the client had chosen various bold and unique building products - many of which you don't often see or get the opportunity to work with in Mackay, like DECO's aluminium DecoClad®.

"Based on similar products I have worked with, I made the decision to install the DecoClad® towards the end of the project, as I was worried other trades on site might accidentally scratch, dint or damage it — boy was I wrong! This is one of the toughest and most impressive products/systems I have ever worked with. From the ease of installation to the thickness of the material and the timber-look coating, this product is superior in every way. It was the perfect final design element to this build that truly brought Bona Vista to life. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone in the build and renovating game looking for a high-quality timber alternative., You won't be disappointed." — Matthew Brady | Owner/Builder of Matthew Brady Projects.

Homeowner's Delight

Jenny Gordon, the proud homeowner of Bona Vista, also shared her excitement and praise for the DECO products used in the renovation.

"The DECO products we used really brought our home to life and tied in beautifully with all the other materials we used. We have people pull in daily while driving past or walking past and ask what the product is and everyone wants to feel and touch it. They can't believe it's an aluminium based product." said Jenny.

A Renovation Transformation

This renovation stands as a shining example of how DECO products can elevate the aesthetics and durability of a home. With glowing testimonials from both the homeowner and the builder, DECO has proven to be a top choice for those seeking a high-quality timber alternative. The success of the Bona Vista project serves as an inspiration for future renovations, showcasing the transformative power of innovative design and superior building materials.

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