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Austral, NSW

Cattalini Projects unveils their latest home, featuring DECO's DecoBatten® in the sleek DecoWood® Curly Birch™ finish. The one and two-piece system of DecoBatten® is seamlessly integrated into the façade, creating a play of light and texture that complements the home's neutral and bright design aesthetic.

This home is a perfect blend of contemporary style and practical construction, showcasing the builder's commitment to sophisticated, yet timeless, solutions.

Notably, the brilliance of DecoBatten® extends from the garage door to the first level window screening and to the front door, where the same attention to detail and design continuity is maintained. The uniformity in material and finish not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the home but also illustrates how DecoBatten® can be seamlessly incorporated across various architectural elements.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, DecoBatten® is celebrated for its durability and weather resistance. The robust nature of these battens ensures the longevity of the home's exterior, requiring minimal maintenance over time. This commitment to both style and substance aligns seamlessly with Cattalini Projects' ethos, creating a home that not only dazzles in design but also stands the test of time.

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