Project Profile: Castellated Cladding Masterpiece


Sydney, NSW

Product: DecoClad Castellated

Finish: DecoWood Curly Birch

Builder: In and Out Carpentry

In the heart of Sydney, this residential home underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the innovative application of DECO's latest DecoClad Castellated profile . Tasked with enhancing the interior behind a stunning spiral staircase, the team from In and Out Carpentry took on the challenge, utilising this cutting-edge product to breathe new life into the space.

The Challenge - Cracking Walls and Lost Potential

Faced with an extra-large gyprock wall prone to cracking, the project demanded a solution that would not only address aesthetic concerns but also ensure long-term durability. With the wall stretching nearly 6.5 meters in height, conventional materials fell short, leaving the potential of the area untapped.

The Solution — DecoClad® Castellated Cladding

DECO's Castellated cladding profile offered a transformative solution that exceeded expectations. Finished in DecoWood ® Curly Birch, this innovative product not only provided the space an attractive multi-dimensional appearance but also offered practical benefits that surpassed traditional materials.

- Effortless: no sanding, painting or staining required.

- Marine grade: Super Durable finish.

- Easy to install: Lightweight 6.5 m lengths with pre-punched fixing holes.

- Versatile: ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Builder's Testimonial - A Seal of Approval

Reflecting on the project's success, Andrew Betts expressed his utmost satisfaction with the new DecoClad Castellated cladding profile. Addressing concerns of cracking due to the walls movement, the cladding proved its worth, delivering both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Andrew said this product was a perfect fit for the project. Using the Castellated cladding assured that any movement behind the area would not manifest into cracked workmanship. The results speak for themselves.

If you have a space that needs personality, or a room that needs brightening up with quality then the DecoClad Castellated system will work for you.

A Testament to Innovation

From addressing practical concerns to enhancing aesthetic appeal, DECO's latest aluminium cladding profile embodies the perfect blend of style and functionality. In the quest to transform interiors, it serves as a beacon of possibility, inviting builders and homeowners alike to reimagine spaces with confidence and creativity.

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