Project Profile: City Sanctuary, Camp Hill



Builder: Aurelien Berson Construction

Product: Single and two-piece QuickClick™ DecoBattens

Colour: DecoWood Natural Curly Birch

Aurelien Berson Construction has once again redefined the boundaries of design with this stunning DecoBatten® façade in Camp Hill, Queensland.

At the core of this façade lies the seamless integration of the single and two-piece QuickClick™ DecoBatten® 25mm Designer Series, adorned with the award-winning DecoWood® Curly Birch finish.

Setting a new standard for contemporary luxury, this façade is truly extraordinary, emanating a warm and inviting ambiance that encapsulates modern living. The choice of DecoWood® Curly Birch introduces a touch of nature's elegance to the exterior, with a timber-look finish that not only mirrors the richness of natural wood but also showcases durability and low maintenance through UV resistant and marine-grade powder coating.

The use of QuickClick™ DecoBatten® emphasises a commitment to both convenience and craftsmanship, whilst also highlighting Aurelien Berson Construction's dedication to quality. This lightweight system has been meticulously designed to offer a hassle-free solution for securing battens to walls, garage doors, and ceilings, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

The versatile design across the garage door showcases a flush installation, cleverly concealing the door's subframe, and seamlessly blending with the surrounding façade. and coastal environment. Beyond practicality, the two-piece DecoBatten® serves as a striking design feature, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the home.

If you're captivated by this look, explore more garage doors facades featuring our range of DECO products here or reach out to our friendly team today.

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