Project Profile: Deakin University



Designer: Deakin University
Architect: Kelly Architects
Builder: Fairbrother
Installer: DJB Carpentry
Product: DecoBatten 2-piece 100x50mm
Colour: DecoWood® Natural Casuarina

Designed by Kelly Architects, this mesmerising soffit lining at Deakin University Building A captures the character of the surrounding landscape. Architect Jakob Kelly envisioned a simple, fresh design that would not overshadow the interesting shapes of the rest of the building, but would be a testament to the beautiful riverside town of Warrnambool. The wavy batten effects recreate the shape of the river, opening up at the building entry to represent the river's mouth.

Low maintenance was an important feature when choosing products for the batten ceiling. Deakin University sought a durable, Australian-made product that could withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, the product needed to be cut easily into a variety of lengths, to create a smooth, undulating pattern across the ceiling.

DecoBatten's two-piece Quick Click system was chosen to create the curving pattern. With a convenient click-together system and concealed fixings, the battens were easily affixed to the canopy structure without a secondary backing surface, also eliminating the need for a standard track system that might detract from the minimalist design. The lightweight aluminium profiles of DecoBatten are easy to lift and position in place, saving significantly on install costs. This, coupled with the durability and longevity of the DecoWood® finish, made DecoBatten a cost-effective product that met Deakin's brief.

The 100x50mm two-piece DecoBatten profiles were selected to create the winding river on the ceiling, finished in DecoWood® Natural Casuarina, which accentuates warm, natural tones to complement the building's surroundings.

The result is an impressive decorative canopy that creates visual activity and interest as students and staff approach the building's entrance. Architect Jakob Kelly said this encourages users "to dream and imagine - a primary objective of any university space".

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